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nl L4mpje 02.03 PM
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* Last time he used the rights he gained from this group


  • Access
    • Access Can manage the root organisation
    • Access has access to the #gtv.prv channel
    • Access has access to the channel
  • Events
    • Access Can directly add events to the schedule
    • Access Edit all details on all matches
    • Access Edit basic details on all current matches
    • Access Edit a team's details
    • Access Add a new league
    • Access Edit a league's details
    • Access Can add and edit maps
    • Access Accept or reject pending events
    • Access Take or request Manager status for matches
    • Access Directly take and keep manager status from all other manager types
    • Access view all betting details of users such as open bets etc.
    • Access Can perform extended operations on teams such as merge or set existing teams to evolved
  • Filebase
    • Access Can add and edit categories in the filebase
    • Access Can delete categories from the filebase
    • Access Can add downloads to the database directly
  • Forum
    • Access Can manage the categories of the forum
    • Access Can manage the single forums
    • Access Can perform administrative operations on threads
    • Access can perform administrative operations on all forum posts
  • Servers
    • Access Edit everyones servers
    • Access Can add his broadcast servers to events
    • Access Can see extended information on servers
    • Access Can see all private information on servers
    • Access Can drop all broadcast servers
    • Access Can add hub servers to events
    • Access Can use matchservers with a higher rating than intended for the match
    • Access Manage the servers for the on-demand system
    • Access Can manage all GTVd servers
  • Site Content
    • Access Edit a user's personal details and preferences
    • Access Add news without verification
    • Access Add blog without verification
    • Access Delete comments
    • Access Edit all comments
    • Access Can moderate blogs
    • Access Can moderate news
    • Access Can moderate the FAQ
    • Access Can view and add quotes
    • Access Can add/edit/delete tips
    • Access Can manage external news items
    • Access Can moderdate terms of the glossary
    • Access Can perform adminstrative actions on official GTVd Demos
    • Access Can manage the sites announcements shown on the index
  • System and Administration
    • Access Can access the site's admin control panel
    • Access Can answer tickets
    • Access Can access all logs
    • Access Can perform low level actions of general site maintanance
    • Access Has access to experimental features