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si Aniky 25.11.20 PM
cz AOD Kimi 13.01 PM
pl bossik 24.01 PM
be homie1337 21.12.20 PM
be Jere 13.01 PM
gb Jinosta 25.01 PM
nl mEnace 18.01 PM
pl szczurek 16.01 PM
us Virus047 04.08.20 PM

* Last time he used the rights he gained from this group


  • Access
    • No Access Can manage the root organisation
    • Access has access to the #gtv.prv channel
    • No Access has access to the channel
  • Events
    • Access Can directly add events to the schedule
    • Access Edit all details on all matches
    • Access Edit basic details on all current matches
    • Access Edit a team's details
    • Access Add a new league
    • Access Edit a league's details
    • Access Can add and edit maps
    • Access Accept or reject pending events
    • Access Take or request Manager status for matches
    • Access Directly take and keep manager status from all other manager types
    • No Access view all betting details of users such as open bets etc.
    • No Access Can perform extended operations on teams such as merge or set existing teams to evolved
  • Filebase
    • No Access Can add and edit categories in the filebase
    • No Access Can delete categories from the filebase
    • No Access Can add downloads to the database directly
  • Forum
    • No Access Can manage the categories of the forum
    • No Access Can manage the single forums
    • No Access Can perform administrative operations on threads
    • No Access can perform administrative operations on all forum posts
  • Servers
    • No Access Edit everyones servers
    • Access Can add his broadcast servers to events
    • Access Can see extended information on servers
    • No Access Can see all private information on servers
    • No Access Can drop all broadcast servers
    • Access Can add hub servers to events
    • Access Can use matchservers with a higher rating than intended for the match
    • No Access Manage the servers for the on-demand system
    • No Access Can manage all GTVd servers
  • Site Content
    • No Access Edit a user's personal details and preferences
    • Access Add news without verification
    • Access Add blog without verification
    • Access Delete comments
    • No Access Edit all comments
    • Access Can moderate blogs
    • Access Can moderate news
    • No Access Can moderate the FAQ
    • Access Can view and add quotes
    • No Access Can add/edit/delete tips
    • No Access Can manage external news items
    • No Access Can moderdate terms of the glossary
    • No Access Can perform adminstrative actions on official GTVd Demos
    • No Access Can manage the sites announcements shown on the index
  • System and Administration
    • Access Can access the site's admin control panel
    • Access Can answer tickets
    • No Access Can access all logs
    • No Access Can perform low level actions of general site maintanance
    • No Access Has access to experimental features