Onwards to the Semi-final! (58412 Views)

written by be Skeiz on 13.03.07 15:14


gl infrag, but i must say HOW STUPID SYSTEM WL USED when 1st play against 3rd and 2nd played against 4th ... LOGIC FTW ... i smell suXus have some WL admin as a friend?
WL use that system (1st v 3rd, and 2nd v 4th) to have the two best teams in the final.

I presume one4one finished 1st, and suXus 2nd in the league - so they do the knock-out stages in the anticipation they will reach the grand final. afaik.
2.Ultima Ration
3.Team infrag
I was way off regarding the league positions =D
Same method applies though. They prefer 1st v 3rd | 2nd v 4th over 1st v 4th | 2nd v 3rd
141 will win. :) Cause vegi got wh! :D"

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Well maybe he was trying to be funny but why putting something that's this retarded with the predictions? I think it's quite stupid. But probably you're right..
who cares. if u are a internet geek and if u are not funny or u dont have sense of humor, dont call others retarded
So what you're saying is that that was funny?
Broadcast Servers?
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