RTCW Cup announced! (41683 Views)

written by de X-tra on 03.06.07 19:51


nice :) ;]

nice : )
rly nice
me <-- looking for team
i'm looking for team :<
Me too... :<
#spkz @ QuakeNet and then leave a message with spkz|delta`
nice-go rtcw-it reminds me on old wolf days :)
rtcw uh oh :]
yay thats a n1 idea with the cup^^
nice idea :)
lol should be fun :D my clan is already signed up i see.
Nice idea but not playing:D
is it a bird is it a plain?, No Its RAZIEL!
gl X-tra
Need a clan to play with :\
I can see there are a lot of teams, gonna be fun <o/