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written by de skooli on 01.02.08 01:04


man, awesome, this is huge! :-)
:) good job :)
nice one!finally!now i can see the biggest matches!gg 2005 year!
awesome work guys
Amazing, all I can really say is..well..thanks!
Thank you so much for doing this. Very generous of you.
good idea thx guys
Good job :D
WOW, gj!
very nice , gj
that's the greatest invention since white chocolate!
72Gb.....good job !
good job arni & skooli!
fucking nice, <3 u!

gj guys

Can anyone recommend me some great (!) matches from 2005 / 2006 ? :)
I want to do fast forward to skip the warm up and stuff, but cant get rconpassword to work. I entered it to server.cfg but when I type pw in it just says no rcon password set. Anyone could help me?
u just homehosted your own ettv for urself, or on a rootserver ?
Just for myself
ok, very easy thne

if you double click on the shortcup ettv.exe, the console will open itsself.
and into the console, u just type "ff 30" for example. "ff <seconds>"

im getting an error , i did all the steps , when i double click the shortcut , the console start showing everything but at the end of the console says :
--- Common Initialization Complete ---
Winsock Initialized
Opening IP socket: localhost:27960
Hostname: desktop
Working directory: C:\Archivos de programa\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory
ettv: couldn't open demos/demo0000'.tv_84

so then i open et , and try to connect to and its not working =[ .
i have the demo in etpro/demos but the same name. demo0000.tv_84 :S need help
n1 :)
There is no The Last Resort vs Amenti
this is the only match between amenti and tlr reported on gtv:
and its from the 20th Dezember. The Archive stops @ 27th of November...