HAYAATI - The Movie (7282 Views)

written by nl Ati_ on 29.06.09 13:49


hayati is arabic and means "my life"

great frags. nice music and vid. 4,5/5

BUT ...well srsly..noone puts me on his shoutout list >_> iv never been @ any list
Lol, I wanted to say 'same here' but realized that I'm twice in decimated's shoutouts :DD
More ego !
Nice vid :D
rofl at the llamas :o
really nice movie : )
Nice movie, excellent frags, good songs. Didnt like the config so much
why on earth is this a news here :s
Nice faalzork ati und rifle pwner hayaa =]
nice movie, didnt like the config aswell.
nice movie :) gratz
isnt xfire enough?

movie was ok , expected some emofag-like music , im impressed.
gr8 frags from 6.05 to 7.15 by hayaa

overall, gr8 frags by both, but as B3nz said i also didnt liked the config. but nice movie :)

rly nice fm ;]
nice vid
nice one