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written by nl arni on 21.06.06 19:34


nice x]
kewl, guess who every1 is betting on...... (btw it's IDLE.EE!!)
yey, please somebody set all his money on demi otherwise the odds for idle are so bad :(
thx guys. btw Arni i have a problem. i got muted on your ettv 2 weeks ago for 5 minutes and i'm still muted. what shall i do?
can you give me one of the nicks u use?
cant find that nick on ettv
hah i was unmuted yesterday for a moment s but after this server crash (rize v hb) i got muted agin :)
now i'm on your ettv
can you tell me the nick you use on ettv so i can look for you on the db?
unmuted you and reset your spamcounter, reconnect and watch out ;-)
thank you <3 :D
I bet on deMi. Pls win!!!
Cancelling a bet doesnt seem to work
works for me :)
yes, should work

bets close exactly at scheduled matchtime - after that you cant cancel anymore nor place new bets

logical imo ;-)
auf deiner stirn steht surenhohn weil du nicht schreiben kannst ^^
gtv is broken.
I have spoken.
wonderful job
why i cant make 2 bets :<

thats sad
I love this thing 8D.
Nice =)
nice :>
wow i dont wont to have any bets i just want those 100 euros :|
wheres the ladder?

i switched to the "my gbooky" but there are only my Gambling stats,
my Open bets and my Finished bets.

Here when signed to the competition. The full ladder is on it's way.