andyF1's Flag collection or Where in the World am (2420 Views)

written by nl andyF1 on 01.04.08 18:31


you already missed 5 flags or so :<
andy's historical locations, copy to journal if you want:

gb 7 Jan 08
qa 21 Feb 08
gb 26 Feb 08
sg 3 Feb 08
nz 3 Feb 08
gb 10 March 08
au 16 March 08
my 18 March 08
gb 26 March 08
bh 31 March 08
hacks! :O)
Nice andy :D
thanks arni :)
ip spoofer
no way cheating, it's all true!
nice /yaaaaawn
Yeah, he is really lucky too.
I wish I had your job, watching F1 and travelling around the world!
And I always thought "what a shitty nickname". Are you really working for the Formula 1 and what are you doing exactly?
he is a cameraman. :O)
hmm somehow i was thinking that way about your nick too
new flag coming Monday, watch this space!
As promised my new Flag es andyF1
Another one for the collection tr andyF1
update the topic arni!
No points for guessing this new flag mc andyF1
you rly are lucky guy!!
In some ways yes but it is a job and I work hard and spend far too much time away from home!
and another flag ca andyF1
Vive La Difference! fr andyF1
you're in france now? :p
and ofc the obvious one de andyF1
add the new one!! :D
Brazil br andyF1
Belgium be andyF1
No hungarian flag ? wtf. must be some mistake
Was there Nonix ofc, just got a bit lazy adding to my collection!
sure.. I think you are just trying to hide it :o
hmm new one for the collection ch andyF1