Team Belgium vs Team Italy (5130 views)

be Bangor
be Bjorn
be Thomas.
be Cloud
be eXoz
be Lk
be Seppe
it Ashy
it hUMy
it Raga
it sponge
it fadeh
it Morpheus
05.03.09 21:15 CET
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Game: qw ET Quake Wars
League: ClanBase NationsCup XII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Orrie (Generaladmin)
Maps: Ark

Total Pot: € 14337
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

ET Quake Wars TV
gb #etqw.comeback ET:QW TV 2
By: Seanza (none)
it Team Italy Matchserver
By: Orrie (none)
nl KAPOKS TV Server
By: Orrie (none)

Total Slots: 85
Viewer Peak: 64


Will be a nice game!
go easy on us BJOWN please
gl hf ;)
ita ita ita
All my money on Bjorn + Thomas.!!!
gogo Belgium =)!
gogo fadeh & Co :-)
go bel <3
gl hf ;)
woo, go .be
go Thomas.
pizzas ftw
gl both
np for Thomas & Bjorn
Pizza ninjas! Make me happy!
with Bangor and Thomas impossible for be to loose!
I would not be so sure.
go go puttanas ! all in 4 ita
italy pracced a lot, last two weeks we maybe 2-3 times. GL & HF
4-0 ita gg
wooot. thx for the money italy <3
You have € 10 on ITA
You won € 67.1

gg ;)
You have € 25 on ITA
You won € 167.75
You have € 106 on it ITA
You won € 711.26
I knew I have to put atleast 500 moniez!
You have € 30 on it ITA
You won € 201.3
Yes iam rich i put 250E
enjoy your e-money pizzalovers.
GG,frenetic match.
You have € 50 on ITA
You won € 335.5

i enjoy !
nice ita!

and i missed the time


You have € 95 on it ITA
You won € 637.45

money money money :)))
we love u italy :D
You have € 444 on it ITA
You won € 2979.24

ty ITA <3
You have € 90 on be BEL
You lost

expected if bangor the killing machine is in apc ans seppe on foot ^^
srry for the ones who lost money, we failed with tacs, especially on salvage
We 2 :D
You have € 10 on it ITA
You won € 67.1

np tom : )

srry bang / thomas :P
anyway he bet on us and he won :D
lol at odds
You have € 708 on be BEL
You lost
You have € 20 on it ITA
You won € 134.2

sorry boyos, teamplay > skill

Live from the hospital. cya guys in a few weeks again i hope ;(
Ehy mate!!

Nice to hear from you.
Hope all is going well, stay hard.
complications got infection now, and had second operation

Hold on!
he is a tough cookey!
ye, it will be ok just taking some time
everythings gonna be allright i hope,take care mate
zenix we miss u! <3
zenix <3.
gl in hospital hope you get well very soon =]
thx, everyday its going better.