punga vs SaH Gaming (3927 views)

ie flushje
de bitch
ee dR flaShii
ee Eagle
fi Booni
nl Allir
be Woetre
be Communist
be pimpie
be Nakato
be Cluster
be Sjco
be Luigi
29.03.09 20:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET Masters: Division 2
Hosting: Crossfire.nu
Manager: bitch (Generaladmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 4165
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de #fayntic ETTV 4
By: h3ll (ettvd)

de #Outlaw.et ETTV #1
By: bitch (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 19


bitch = win
xD depends how good his aim is today :>
worked pretty well today
flushje = lose
Today?????What maps??????
ez 4 punga, gl!
<Rhand> we will play with 5, those sah guys suck
Pakt ze woetre
ez 4 punga !
gl punga x)
poule is already finished, dunno why its on games tv anyway
GL M. ! ;)
gl rhand
Flash ära mu raha ära kaota!
GL flushje and Rhand
gl woetre!
nja danke maar tmocht niet baten:) vage mannetjes:)
vage mannetjes? :D
nja , oftewel lag het aan de srv :) maar ik hitte nog gn olifant :(
Excuustruus ;-p
true! maar ik heb toch lekker een c u in the movie frag:DDDDD hihi
gl Rhand!
gl punga
2-0 p
4-0 p
gg wp gl @ oc s&h
You have € 1000 on punga
You won € 1130
First time in ETmasters that betting on us gets you some money ^^