cZar-Gaming vs sFx Evil (7604 views)

be dNzl
be lio
be mesq
nl rbnt
be snot
be stormG
fi lettu
be mAx
ee Reload
fi Tiigeri
fi twidi
be Xionn
Crossfire Prizefight Challenge

Upper Bracket Round 1

This game might be not on ETTV since there is trouble with setting up an ETTV compatible matchserver on the LAN.
02.09.06 11:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Crossfire Eurolan
Manager: Nellie (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te

Broadcasted by

Radio Commentary
de HeadShot Radio Shoutcast
By: conr4d
Listen to conr4d
Language: Polish
us Radio iTG
By: stewie
Listen to stewie
Language: English

Total Slots: 1,000
Listener Peak: unknown

Enemy Territory TV
de #dignitas ETTV Server (powered by andyF1)
By: Frop (ettvd)
de #fayntic ETTV 1
By: h3ll (ettvd)
de ETTV server 1
By: Frop (ettvd)
de, Hub/Recorder 1 (30 slave slots)
By: skooli (ettvd)

de tfs.ETTV2
By: GTVd
de vp.ETTV.Server
By: arni (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 293


omg easy for Delta
Will be much harder for Delta.

- Sfx playing with much better line-up

- No polish lag connections.

4-2 for Sfx hopefully.
me no bet
4:2 for Delta ;x
more slots..............
more zlotys
team delta save my gbooky <3
Delta vs sfx starts to be boring :)
reload for sFx :O ! ? !
easy for delta 4:0! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
easy for delta 4:0! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
hf buzka and chester :)
go go go polish guys! :D
izi bash for sfx! :>
delta 4-2 ;) ofc
is draw avilaible?
Imo 4:2 delta.
lol, delta not coming.
sum1 tell me y reload is playing for sFx? ! ?! ?! ?!
fuckin' sponsors
No Delta no fun :/
lol @ cZar
i bet 15 euros on ReLoaD
gl Xionn and co.
omg i wanna belive that kot doesn't hax and i thought that this lan show me that he is cleen:<
8-th Belgians - but they still haven't chance
gl rafiki !
cZar=6th league of ET ;)
2 Bets on SFX. 2 Lost!
cZar ftw.
mAx back to da game?

Thought he dropped ET and got involved in Q4.
he will play q4 after cpc competively again.
sFx is so bad atm so i dont think they gonna make it :/
they have another lineup atm?
special LAN lineup, Xionn & Tiigeri know each other, Xionn knows mAx etc...
get a clue, the recent team playing on ettv does not consist of those going to the lan
e4zy ba$h 4 sfx
go sFx!
cZar !
go rbnt and sFx <3
2 mixes :<
go StormG
sFx ftw
no broadcast no shoutcast gg!!
bet on sfx!!
also no live tv??? damn!!
Its not cancellled :O, They have set up an Linux ettv server.
I guess we won't be able to watch the second match. ^^
even the radio with stewie apears offline :(
Yea, as foonr sayd in his colomn, the coverage will be secong to nothing, but i think he didn't mean it this way :)
wp sFx