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click me 2 download sw_fueldump_b3 :D!

Quotethe statements:
arni : our tacs: we kill all enemies and do the objective

skooli: slight adjustments on the axis side though: there we kill all enemies and don't do the objective

(MightyBro) :FUZZ, what‘s your suggestion about the position in the defense for h8m3? Where u would put him so as he could be maximally efficient for the team?
FUZZ: I’d put him to spectators
28.01.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CIS CUP
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: M1ghty^brother (Generaladmin)
Maps: Bremen_b2
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Total Pot: € 19267
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Enemy Territory TV

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2nd fueldump :D

awesome maps 8D
Elik, I am sorry to dissapoint you, but there will be no match cancelations (caused by forfeits) anymore cuz
neither gtv team nor other participants' captains are
that retarded to play with ex bimbot customer, who had 80bans for public cheats in the past (& who somehow forgot to record the demos, lol) and to fuckup the rules on purpose( like forward did )

as I remember, you were the guy who asked to leave your team alone -> http://arena.stream24.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?p=509909#509909
so that's kinda strange that you still bother to post in our matches' threads...
well you knew it before the match has been started ([ET] vs banda) so why just didnt you canceled before...

i've lost 2 hours by owning some noobs and after loosing versus us you guys were whining like pussys.. and even without convers we would bash you. he wasnt that good..
That still doesnt mean that your mates have to spam it on every 6a match, or do i need to throw some bans to make it stop?
well, of course it's not oke from [ET]'s side.. but there was a solution for the "nonexistent demo" they could put the replay on and then jerk off 2 hours by watching him.

and btw there is programm called wolfcam.. so if you recorded a demo you can spec your oponents with it.
I didn't know convers would play, don't state forward's opinion as a fact.

blame convers aka jordan for not having the demos ( forward confessed he even warned him not to forget recording them)

( he can't play in the cup till 8th of feb, 2010, even if he had the demos)

& btw, no1 was whining in my team.
it is bad to tell lies, dude )

anyway, I don't really want 2 keep discussing it.
gl to 2 yr team , though.

Session Start: Sun Jan 10 21:55:24 2010
Session Ident: MightyBro`6aHgA
01[21:55] <convers>we now have the game will be?
[21:56] <MightyBro> should
[21:56] <MightyBro> if he gets
01[21:56] <convers> Forward solves
[22:00] <MightyBro>Well it is clear that he wants the strongest of
01[22:00] <convers> If I play ,then it is not the strongest of
01[22:03] <convers> we play on your server????
[22:04] <MightyBro>gamestv server

[23:55] <MightyBro> [ 23:49.18 ]- -( MightyBro`6aHgA ): hey
[23:55] <MightyBro> -[ 23:49.25 ]- -( rafael-teamwork ): waht omg
[23:55] <MightyBro> -[ 23:49.32 ]- -( MightyBro`6aHgA ): have u finished the game vs et?
[23:55] <MightyBro> -[ 23:49.41 ]- -( rafael-teamwork ): no
[23:55] <MightyBro> -[ 23:49.45 ]- -( MightyBro`6aHgA ): 2nd map?
[23:55] <MightyBro> -[ 23:49.53 ]- -( rafael-teamwork ): 1

this is not all confes

first , don't translate the log with the google translator or whatever u & forward use there ,cheating mongol.
all forward said before the game was "convers wants 2 play but i doubt he will, I have better players."
& I don't see "can i play \ am I alllowed to play ? "in this log
so stick it up your ass.
ah fuck off after you joined the server you saw him & if you got some problems with him, why do you start then?
and if you rly want his demo then upload the replay or just spec him at your demo via wolfcam.

im almost 100% sure you guys thought it will be an easy bash versus [ET] but after we rolled you, with some random lineup (playing first time togehter) you didn't wanted to make the score published. So you found smth what allows you to delete this match. (convers nonexistent demo)

that's mah friends is pretty noobish :(
yea i did atleast
und welcher lustige peter bist du in dem viel lustigeren random lu gewesen? kann mich an irgendeinen razorbob erinnern :O
I 've removed the game cuz of the info that he has a pretty fresh ban ( 20 days before the game) :
QuoteMBL ET GAME HOOK #125104 78.37.10.*** Russian Federation (Saint Petersburg) 2009/12/21 PsB

then, he was asked for demos & he said he doesn't have them.

check the rules:
Quote2) all players must record the demo

it's a common practice @ CB\ESL, it doesn't matter there is an ettv there or not, but u have to record them, ask killerboy \any esl admin. And cheater, who was banned 80 times in the past, doesn't have the demos with autorecording forced by global config despite his leader's reminder not to forget recording them -that's just epic
6)U must have at least 6 months old ET/PB-Guid

& fucker has just 3 months old guid.
by rules, after this ban he would be only allowed to play after 8th of feb , 2010.

only 2 days later it became clear -the version that he run et.exe of his folder with the cheats \old banned guid & got new yawn warning dated 21st of december 2009 is wrong.
his last ban was on 8th of feb of 2009 and not on 21st of dec due to yawn's "bug" (adding new bans to the database )-thx 2 h8m3
but still - as u can see above - no demos , 3 months guid , not allowed to play cuz of the ban. & don't fucking blame me for pressing F3 -it's forward's responsibility( as a captain) for not even bothering to read the rules ( 1\3rd of a page) & letting the imbecile to play

case's closed.

Quote by |R|A|Z|E|R|but after we rolled you

I actually play for fun, a couple of hours a week & u just were lucky that I palyed in that game +detektor was drunk:)
what was yr nick there, btw?

& u r sure about "rolling", mate?

after the fullhold + 7 minutes time @ attack.

but then, u eliminated all the decent maps -bremen gold & radar & I agree, u were pretty good @ 2 lottomaps , frost & then @ deliv. but, as i told already, u fucked up the map elimination @ decider http://saunator.wippiespace.com/decider_s.txt by adding ice (which wasn't in maplsit) on purpose ,while i had a pee break & my mates didn't know the mappool. (still it's my problem i was convinced by my mates to agree & play deliv.)

just spent my time & bothered to answer\explain jsut cuz of the fuckfaces liek convers & co which are writing bullshit about me \my team. that's my last post regarding the subject.
end of story.
1.)didn't knew about his bans and that he's talking shit about you. :/
2.)frostbite & delivery isn't lotto

end of story
1) I was the only one in this match rolling someone :D

end of story
I'm sorry, but you're crying in our game yesterday
gtfo lol
MightyBro pidar odnim slovom
GL GTV & hf
gl 6 angels ;) hf mighty bro
Gotta read all this when im home again :p
MightyBRo Laughing then e0h lose....


it's his work .... but then ET Win BaHga (4:2) MightyCRABRO CANCELLED MATCH


and he ask sool for ban me at crossfire =/ and deleted theme at Crossfire ( ET 4 :BaHga 2 )
Quote by FORWARDConv3rs-he not ban and ban does not have on CB-if will want and whoever to will come to will play

is forward your english teacher ?

forward just has no idea there are forum threads like et \offtopic \etc & journals section @ cf. & Sol will never delete anything if I ask him, in case that forum thread \ journal doesn't brake CF rules, & he is not my mate to do so as well , stop lying, srsly..
After breaking kenta's record with an amount of bans, U swore U gonna stop cheating ~10 times - & broke your word 9 times.
just face it - no MENTALLY COMPETENT person wil trust you again...

or wait , looks like forward did by talking you in his clan

zaeboshim fritsov LOLOLOL
Oh come on, making this conflict a public matter isn't a wise thing at all!
Moar dramma!
gl both!

arni will rape
gl/hf skooli, sHiZo & Ana
gl wonder
gl gtv
no kruciBRO no win :/
meet some girl living near your uni ,with more or less decent pc +internet :D
then install ET there & u could play on the weekdays -np
if i meet some girl near my uni with more or less decent looking body i'll install my mobile sauna there and play with her boobs :D
gl arni
MightyCRABRO nice LIE's

ET WIN and ALL know it .... suck my d1cK!!!!!!!!!
jordanAL nice LIES

I HAD more damage given than 3 of your NOOBIES together...... suck my d1ck!!!!!!!!

you should seriously stop with all your whine in every match where mighty plays, starting to annoy me rly..
Laat je ff gaan en ban ze allemaal!
I really like your l33t-way of spelling things!

wh1n3 m0R3!
u all suck my d1cK!!!!!!!!!
MightyCRABRO nice LIE's

ET WIN and ALL know it .... suck my d1cK!!!!!!!!!
when U r joking, try to be original, Andrjusha.
I hope U aren't offended by the statement.

but srsly
start using a microphone m8!
ET scene wins from it & ALL KNOW it ...
team RUSSIA will get a skillboost, then we' ll get a sponsor,
girls will start to suck your d1cK!!!!!!!!!
dunno whose the biggest loser , gtv or russians , guess the same
hf ana!
oh the drama :D

Total Pot: € 9438
[6aHgA] ru 2.97
1.51 eu gtv
You have € 466 on eu gtv Cancel bet
Possible win: € 703.66

Total Pot: € 9438
[6aHgA] ru 2.97
1.51 eu gtv
You have € 466 on eu gtv Cancel bet
Possible win: € 703.66
HF guys ;D
Have fun sHiZo :D
Gl Anaconda :)
gl foreign friends
was fun :DD

You have € 200 on ru [6aHgA]
You won € 444
:D geiles match

nächstes mal oasis? ^^
gern xD
krieg ich nen bnc?
wer verschenkt hier bncs? :O
ich frag einfach mal so in die runde
gg wp xD
Viewer Peak: 58
there seems to be nothing interesting at TV tonight :D
25 gtv's fanboys
30 were my haters
& 3 banda's fans
You have € 3200 on ru [6aHgA]
You won € 7104

kinda obvious, wasnt it?

You have € 60 on eu gtv
You lost

never trust the germans :<
You have € 466 on eu gtv
You lost FUCK UU :DD
[18:59:01] [@skooli] miseczka is gonna lose 466€ tonight

7v6 - but gtv'ETTV wasnt any good :-(
You have € 250 on ru [6aHgA]
You won € 555