#reVeal.et vs nkNn (4106 views)

de eiM
de draqii
de murDa
nl h3r0!n
gb Smurftang
be illumise
be chizz6l
nl loazis
be crook
be Yuno
CIEC Seeding Tournament ~ Round 2

de reVeal (High-Seed) vs. eu nkNn (Med-Seed)
07.02.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CIEC Seeding Tournament
Hosting: Crossfire.nu
Manager: eiM (Generaladmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 12207
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 22


witje will fuck it up
SMURFATAN/<!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!
hf both
reVeal will take it
all my money on reveal
reVeal will take it if loazis plays rifle
komop nkNn
gl reVeal + loazis!
best of luck smurfbabee
as dees geen iizi bashke is voor de crook me zen nief pc'ke en witje, dan weet ik et ook nie meer.
draqi will deliver
gl reveal
all my monehz on smurff
np 4 reveal!

You have € 65 on de reVeal Cancel bet
Possible win: € 325.65

gl eim

reveal will deliver! :D gl lads
go smurf find your bird
HF nKnn!

Hau rein crook! :D
gl eiM & draqii <3
gl reVeal noobs
gl reveal :)<3
gl nkNn :)
luv u loa
You have € 500 on eu nkNn
You won € 995
You have € 1000 on eu nkNn
You won € 1990

1-man-army loazis strikes again.
fk reveal, always going to bet on loazis now
You have € 50 on de reVeal
You lost
You have € 3580 on reVeal
You lost

You have € 250 on reVeal
You lost