Belgium vs Lithuania (7691 views)

be vila
be Player
be Kevin
be siL
be Miss_Epic
lt umek
lt Prisales
lt totto
lt reVEEe
lt Samurai
07.02.10 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW NationsCup XIII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Anaconda (Highadmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 70206
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
By: Killerboy (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 157


gl be
izi be
izi bash be, hf siL
easy for lithuania
Miss_Epic !
izi for BE!!.
hf gl revee& kevin
where is maus?
gl sil!
no mAus, NOOBS
no mAus no wIn
where is mAus ?

mAus the belgian powner =)
no undead, no win
where is Rodia ? :<
Nie moge grac bo gralem w nc dla polski :p
gl Bel :D

+ Maus
izi bash for Kevin gl :)
easy umek
gl hf
won't mAus play?
Jere - Worm - Kevin - Miss_Epic go for it
no xAv no win
gl to revee :DDD
gl Kevin & Femme :o)
its not Femme its bosshoer femme's best friend
gl janneman :>
gl totto
You have € 20 on LT
Possible win: € 963.8
Miss_Epic: Everyone knows you hack

and this retarded piece of shit is supposed to play for bel?

new captain pls, new lu
Having fun with the quote Webe? you will get busted, so enjoy it, while you still are allowed to play
o damn..!! please dont =P
miss epic is?
random newschool 2.55 medmax player =P
You have € 20 on lt LT Cancel bet
Possible win: € 919.8

izi for us
hf Kevin
hf getting spawncamped
gl reVEEe & Jere!
EAsY belguim
You have € 20 on LT
Possible win: € 850.8
gl jeroen en wim!
miss epic & kevin tag team from hell gunna roll
who the fuck is missepic
You have € 1 on lt LT Cancel bet
Possible win: € 48.63
gl be <3
as if they need luck :D
gl belgium =)
gl be
go on lithuania i have faith, also im a little drunk.. :P

You have € 11 on LT
Possible win: € 567.49

gl bosshoer
no undead no win
waarom sta gij der ni bij ? :p
50 slots ? LOL this is a joke :D
Gl be maak deze antwarpener nog is ne keer gelukkig :=)

kevin heb ni veel geslapen he jung!!! amper 2 uurtjes :s

gl FiF + kevin :)
gl FiF ;o
my money on Lithuania ;D
HF reve
lineups changed

gl hf vila , player , kevin , miss_epic & sil :)
gl revee/umek :)
WP :)
wp LT BE loto wins
Miss_Epic is low+ max and cheating? So wtf he doing in a NC team?
fits right in with vila and kevin then
how can I be low+ while cheating?

and as far as I remember I could keep up with my teammates, so they're all low+ aswell
haha, vila, kdacht da gij gestopt waart mateke?
allez, emme ze toch ene goeie in et team naast de kevin.
Twas maar n éénmalig optreden, blij da ik u nog heb kunnen plezieren ! xD
ik em nie gezien ze, tege zo'n noobs is da toch de moeite nie.