logiX e. V. vs Friends in Forces (3384 views)

de s1LENT
ch crASh
dk fiskEn
dk frizer
dk Squash
nl 0V!E
nl Jo0f
be siL
nl vANQ
nl ins
10.02.10 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CIEC Seeding Tournament
Hosting: Crossfire.nu
Manager: s1LENT (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 12342
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 20


tough one :)
easy for logiX, and I'm not even joking :|
you said it the last time against exotic :P gl tho
gl FiF
gl FiF
Gl Fif hf ovie le fu èé.
GO OV1E <3 rape them
go watch it, quite exciting so far :O
stfu were still playing ! :D
gg wp

You have € 250 on FiF
Possible win: € 362.5

messed up :S
ihc haetts euch gegoennt silent<3333 wp!
You have € 89 on be FiF
You won € 129.05

Loooool? I stopped watching when FiF had 3 minutes left and no parts secured... how they won?:D
-_- damn it, 45 secs :DD

but nice doc run by us -DDDDDD
gg guys
Hilarious. I think logix only win, when the odds are against them and vice versa. It's all a scam to earn Gbooky money.
JOOF: I give you 500 dmg avarage per defense for goldrush for free:
-When your team defending the gold you can spawn at spawnpoint 1, have fun.
Seriously considering backstabbing jo0f!

for being better than you?
Haha ! FiF is aan !