Valkyrie vs NL masters (3586 views)

pt krypto
pt nomearod
pt ag0n
pt torako
pt uTk
cz charlieee
cz cromer
cz huuhuu
cz eRove
cz malfoy
23.02.10 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 WinterCup 2010
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: krypto. (Requestee)
Maps: Coast_b1
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Total Pot: € 9552
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 35


gl valk will be a hard game tho

<3 charlieeee
thx dude

gl and have lags :-D <3 mr.Pro PANZER
You have € 100 on Valk
Possible win: € 256

DONT disappoint me today, krypto ;< <3
we are not praccing shit mate :/ dont expect much of us and the maps are reactor and coast -.- <3 ly
btw, want offi against my team asap? :DDD
dont think so..ag0n wont play against upload and we r just finishing this WC tho
das lhe confiança depois ainda te goza lOl...
gl NL !
guys/valkyries look @ irc .. its important !
GL Valky! :*
what the fuck was that at the fuckin coast ? who the fuck can force fucked map with some fuckin bug or jump or what the fuck ?
otherwise gg wp at reactor and b4 , cannot say at coast... it could be restart or something
that's brain and tactic bro...

They have spent their time to learn the map... not their fault u didnt...
gg Valkyries! ;)
I would call it abusing the maps errors, not brain/tactic, its like doing goldrush just by pushing between textures to get gold without destroying bank. Its not a bug but that map is definatelly not meant to be done in this way and would never expect anybody to do such thing, or at least expect admin to force it as banned method of winning the map by the rules, especially after the same fail in showmatch where dnan played.
yea i get ur point but still... in CBrregulations there is nothing about doing 2man jumps
not our fault..we did it by the rules nothing against the rules.
funny match :DDDDD
THX for win Valky :)
good game :)
Jumping on coast to get obj is not allowed and people who lost because of it are getting forfeit win. Killerboy confirmed.
lol its on cb rules that we can do jumps with a maximum of 2 players. its not against the rules what we did.. we know the map better than them. if you watch the replay we got on our tactic 1/2 guys looking back because of that jump. dont blame us for knowing that trick..
indeed :)
i dont rly care i just wrote what killerboy said ;P
so killerboy is acting against his own rules? dont think so
Would be better if u just ask him directly, good night ;P
finally ! its after midnight u should be in bed like 4h ago ...
ye ye said by random polish noob xD
najpierw to sie naucz dawac reply 14latku ktory przegrywa mecze z low+ e0h
a po chuja ? xddd tak jest fajniej 12 latku udajacego 30 latka xd
no zajebiscie jest byc tepym pierdolcem ktory nie potrafi dac reply, wiecej gimbusiarskich emotek trzeba bylo naspamowac. nie odpisuj brudasie
ajCcCcCCCcccCCCCc!!!! No000ooo D4aaaAAaaJjJjJJ SpokÓóóóÓOjjjjj ... mi$iaaAAaaczku :*** ;) !!@%!!!!
gg valk wp!
rennie 4 the sick ones*