Deathless vs myVirtual-Life ET (3338 views)

gb Havoc
gb Hydro
gb koop
gb Scarzy
nl L4mpje
de Astro
de rayZ
de cADEK
ua playboy
at ka1ly
If you want to see multi kills, then I suggest you replay this match.
22.02.10 21:15 CET
Awards awarded to for
Lady Macbeth deathless * KipzZ 33 kills
Killing Spree Deathless Tiger Eyes 5 frags without being killed
Accountant Deathless Tiger Eyes 260% kills/killed ratio
He's dead, Jim! deathless * KipzZ 10 gibs
...and stay dead! deathless * HAVOC 30% gibs/kill
Lead Poisoning Deathless Tiger Eyes 24 SMG kills
Spammity spam spam! deathless * KipzZ 21 SPAM kills
Fragstealer myVL|K L Y :O)) 102 damage per frag
Die! Damn you, Die! myVL|plAybyoyoboyo 282 damage per frag
What objective? Deathless Tiger Eyes 202 XP
Red Shirt myVL|Astro 60 deaths
Are these pliers sharp? myVL|rayZ :DDD 15 deaths without fragging
Med Pack Whore Deathless Tiger Eyes 344 damage per death
Eyes Wide Shut myVL|Astro 3 team kills
Gingerbread man deathless * koop 12 /kills
Player Summary for the entire Match
[-] (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
Deathless Tiger Eyes2602022610300439422602180/01/024/61/215226053
deathless * KipzZ183188331710113492616003180/09/00/521/81498955
deathless * HAVOC87117202360111357719281280/01/212/78/31798455
deathless * koop881362326101125168384780/05/217/112/222514835
deathless * L4mpje104139242330111498526831300/00/021/123/120811734
deathless 1267821269923144122598126606020/016/074/1235/118314044
myVL|rayZ :DDD202573510191052121200/01/35/162/715035215
myVL|K L Y :O))5896152600042242386000/00/415/110/714914824
Player Summary for radar
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
Deathless Tiger Eyes275150228300430621635180/01/020/31/2KK/K/KKKXKKKDDKKKKKDDKK/KKK/KKK
deathless * KipzZ2901662910810344558501370/08/00/417/2/KK/KKKDKKKKKDKKK/KKKSKKDKKKKKKDKDKKKKD
deathless * HAVOC10610217166017295712831280/01/19/58/3DKDKKT///KKK/KDKDKKD/KDKKKKK//DDDK
deathless * koop951072021101114383271280/05/014/102/0KK/KDDK/KK//DKK/TDK///DDKDKK/KK/KKDK/KKDKD
deathless * L4mpje8510318213001141082443770/00/015/112/0K/KDKDK/KD/KKDKXK//KDDKDKK/K/KKDK/D/DK//
deathless 170628106762112361896589233680/015/158/3330/7
myVL|rayZ :DDD15042600160000/00/34/111/6K/DKD/DDD/KX//DDDDDDDDDDDDDTKD/
myVL|K L Y :O))5296112100032242386000/00/411/80/6DKKDK/DDKDKDD/KKDDDKDDKDDKDD/DKD

[-] 2nd Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
Deathless Tiger Eyes2005242000088096700/00/04/30/0DXDKKKK
deathless * KipzZ57224720104717501810/01/00/14/6DDKKDDDDDKKT
deathless * HAVOC421537000462064500/00/13/20/0K//K//KDDD
deathless * koop6029350001785113500/00/23/10/2DKKDDD/KX
deathless * L4mpje30036620010877240530/00/06/11/1KKKDKTKDK
deathless 13215420232025363337372340/01/316/85/9
myVL|rayZ :DDD33253910031052121200/01/01/51/1DD/DKK/K/DDD
myVL|K L Y :O))8004500010000/00/04/30/1KDKDKK/DD

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Player Chats
myVL|rayZ :DDD [Warmup]: ref abuse
myVL|rayZ :DDD [Warmup]: gg
myVL|Astro [Warmup]: REF ABUSE:>
myVL|rayZ :DDD [Warmup]: forfeit
myVL|Astro [Warmup]: xD
deathless * HAVOC [Warmup]: :
deathless * HAVOC [Warmup]: <
myVL|plAybyoyoboyo [Warmup]: start now plx
myVL|rayZ :DDD [Warmup]: :D
myVL|Astro [Warmup]: we just want to play defend;D
myVL|cADEK [Warmup]: Good luck, have fun!
[11:38]: Axis Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
myVL|Astro [11:35]: :D
deathless * HAVOC [11:11]: so unhit
[11:09]: Allies capture the Forward Bunker!
[10:14]: Allies have breached the Main Entrance and secured the Forward Bunker!
[8:39]: Allies have breached the Side Entrance!
[7:47]: Allied team has destroyed the Axis Command Post!
[6:55]: Axis Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
myVL|cADEK [5:00]: woot?
myVL|cADEK [4:58]: :D
myVL|Astro [4:41]: OFC:D
[4:16]: Axis have returned the objective!
myVL|rayZ :DDD [4:15]: 3:0 gg
myVL|Astro [3:37]: hihhi
Deathless Tiger Eyes [3:17]: why are you so slow?
myVL|rayZ :DDD [3:05]: said i we are med/high?
myVL|rayZ :DDD [2:49]: our master astro made war
myVL|rayZ :DDD [2:46]: hes fucking jew
myVL|plAybyoyoboyo [1:18]: :D!
myVL|plAybyoyoboyo [1:18]: :D!
myVL|Astro [0:44]: :XD
myVL|Astro [0:30]: rayz inconming
myVL|Astro [0:29]: side
[0:23]: myVL|rayZ :DDD disconnected
deathless * KipzZ [Intermission]: he comming back?
[Intermission]: >>> Clock set to: 12:00
Deathless Tiger Eyes [Intermission]: if you win
myVL|plAybyoyoboyo [Intermission]: dno, he's 13 :)
[Intermission]: :XDDD connected
Deathless Tiger Eyes [Intermission]: its 2:2
Deathless Tiger Eyes [Intermission]: so
myVL|Astro [Intermission]: stupid kid:D
deathless * L4mpje [Intermission]: 3-1 then..
myVL|rayZ :DDD [Warmup]: srsly my m8 sucks
myVL|Astro [Warmup]: :D
myVL|plAybyoyoboyo [Warmup]: lets say 3:0 4 us
myVL|Astro [Warmup]: ;D
myVL|plAybyoyoboyo [Warmup]: :p
myVL|rayZ :DDD [Warmup]: hes so fucking stupid
myVL|rayZ :DDD [Warmup]: -.-
myVL|Astro [Warmup]: "nanan they're way to good for us nanan"
myVL|Astro [Countdown]: ;D
[11:37]: Axis Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
myVL|rayZ :DDD [11:18]: :D
[11:14]: Allies capture the Forward Bunker!
[10:33]: Allies have breached the Main Entrance and secured the Forward Bunker!
myVL|Astro [10:21]: lol
[10:01]: Allies have secured the West Radar Parts!
[9:42]: Allies have breached the Side Entrance!
[7:49]: Allies have secured the East Radar Parts!
[Intermission]: >>> Objective reached at 4:11 (original: 12:00)
myVL|rayZ :DDD [Intermission]: gg
[Intermission]: myVL|plAybyoyoboyo disconnected
Deathless Tiger Eyes [Intermission]: close
myVL|rayZ :DDD [Intermission]: ty 4 match
Deathless Tiger Eyes [Intermission]: :)
[Intermission]: Deathless Tiger Eyes disconnected
[Intermission]: myVL|rayZ :DDD disconnected
[Intermission]: myVL|cADEK disconnected
myVL|Astro [Intermission]: bb ty4war

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