The Last Resort vs One4One (14550 views)

es Winghaven
be dAv1d
cz marv
fr EmoreJ
il CrozZ
hr aCoZz
lv clown
it DaNoNe
be Kevin
fi Iron
gb Sheep
fi Squall
ch vegi
Group B - Matchweek 1
29.11.06 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ClanBase ET EuroCup XIV
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Adacore (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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de HeadShot Radio Shoutcast
By: bandiT
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Language: Polish

Total Slots: 500
Listener Peak: unknown

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By: gtv.otter (ettvd)
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By: Phoenigore (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 576


amenti can't win with 5 players imo.
amenti's new's lineup! check it -->
aMenti for sure
fr emorej?
where's de57
Inactive according to their website.
my money on aMenti
7vs6 all money on aMenti
will be one hell of a game. Too bad I wont be here to watch or cast it :'(
wednesday is study party thing night. We have this "jaarclub" we hang out every wednesday. :)
gl vegi danone sheep <3
easy bash for sheep!
Emorej is back \o/
gl sherlock vegi :D
this one deserves to be in bold :)
Your bet: 6000€ on Winghaven
Possible Win: 7500 € (+1500 €)

50 sur 141^_^
after amenti pwned hx :S zzzzzzzzzzz

but i still prefer the Sheeps :)
ezi bás danone
GLUCK 141...
141 still stronger
aMenti 15 € for aMenti WiNgHaVeN go go PF:D
AMenti come on!!

Winghave pkt maximo
Should be a gd, fun match GL&HF!!! :D
easy 1 4 141
Yeah 141 ftw
slots? :r
GO marv GO
this match should be bold pls
Yea, this will a lot more fun to watch then FF spawnraping murso.
Got some more cash today so, Your bet: 8600€ on aMenti
Possible Win: 12556 € (+3956 €)

GL acozz and winghaven and ofc rest of ya :>
and you will lose 8600:<
nääh, wing wont let me down
Your bet: 8600€ on aMenti Won 16598€

uber wing fanboys xD
im fanboy of u too!
Your bet: 250€ on 141

my money on sheep and squall :)
rly amenti i need this money
conflict of interest as i "fanboy" both clans :(

gl sheep/squall/kevin (edit) and ofc crozz/acozz!
Your bet: 100€ on aMenti Possible Win: 145 € (+45 €)
Gl Marv and winghaven
GL dAv1d & kEv1n !!! <3
Danone for best aimer!
4-2 for amenti imo
aMenti will take it
rofl amenti @ 2.16
close one, good luck both.
go go go danone ^^
As always, full coverage here:
141 will take this!
i am in dobout which team bet for ;(

edit: gL to danone , vegi , sheep <3
mr. prO will make it ! ;o
apparently im the manager of 141! :>
go 141!

specc squall for some 1on3 MP multikills

aMenti ftw! <3 marv
close game. Gl david :),kevin & mike (sheep)
Your bet: 141€ on 141 Possible Win: 264 € (+123 €)
please somebody... please bust DaNoNe and if you have some more spare time, bust Sheep too
yes, you may quote me on that :D
I think he's gonna make a quote of your english skills :). <3
huh? where is the fault in that english sentence? I can't find it... I'm just so dumb :<
i cant find anything too :<
hax again?
rofl you edited it XD. naja nvm :)
I edited nothing :s . YOu are seeing things..
Idd I see dead ppl :<. Well nvm vlx <3 still love ya. :p
I'm already taken! why does suddenly everybody love me? foonr has the same illnes
illnes -> illness

ohohoohoo xD
you got me :<
gogogo 141 :)
my bet on 141 !!!
easy for 141 xD
one of the nicest matches ever !
easy for 141 it isnt a question
OMG why does evereyone thinks that 141 can win this 1 ? amenti plays such good last weeks, eventough with the line changes... defeating helix ain't shit so my money on amenti <3
GL squall, iron, sheep, danone, vegi... my money on u :)
gl sheep,iron,squall,danone, and vegi... :D Im betting on you!
aMenti 2.00 vs 2.00 one4one Total pot: 107287 €
wing david <3 danone squalliii <3
wingu go.
gl aMenti go go
would be nice if we had a shoutcaster for this one
gl aMenti
Good luck Iron, Sheep, Squall, vegi & dAnOnE! <3
LOl DEs7 more 2week useless comebacks
good luck amenti =)
Only 141 <3
lol 7 mins first round, haha, gg amenti :)
141 sucks
wp aCoZz ! POTM imo
Your bet: 481€ on 141 Lost

i lost 2 times half of my money because of amenti
pls die they turned hax on !

<3 u !
you bet first on hx and lose, and then on 141 ? OWNED :D
i won 2 times (almost) half of my money because of amenti

Your bet: 55E on aMenti Won 275E
Your bet: 406E on aMenti Won 784E
quick on gold, even quicker on adler, gg Amenti
Your bet: 20€ on aMenti Won 39€

hm..... money :)
sheeeeeeeep ;(
Your bet: 100€ on aMenti Won 193€

aMenti was just a bunch of skilled players till now, but they have really deployed themselves well as a team :)
Silly mistakes and not listening cost us that game, nevertheless, well played from the aMenti side, good luck next game.
Really well played by Amenti as allies on Adlernest.
141 would have won adler if danone wouldn't have made that selfkill while sheep was defusing the dynamite at the controls :-s
you only say this, cause, you`ve lost 1750 € ....;)
he is right
i don't care about my gbooky tbh
o m f g, lost again
welcome to EC?
n1ce amenti :)
gg clown