JungleBrothers vs #Perception.et (8347 views)

nl Lightning
nl abort
de snoop
de butchji
de zerender
pl Anatolik
pl Aima
pl Michalek
pl wiesiek
pl wssquad
pl dolar
Group C - Match 3
05.03.10 15:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Crossfire Intel Challenge 7
Hosting: Crossfire.nu
Manager: essAh (Highadmin)
Maps: Braundorf_b4
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Total Pot: € 27198
The bets are closed.

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Radio Commentary
us #BPS-radio - www.BPSRadio.tk
By: malczik
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Language: Polish

Total Slots: 50
Listener Peak: 35

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 330


gl lightning butchji
allin for team lightning
gl butchji <3
gl jailbait
i sense back stabbing xD
gl chlopaki :) cisnijcie plebs
gogo wssquad :)
easy for JB but a good match i think
gl perception
musze ogarnac foty z tego lana, jestem ciekawy ktorzy to grubasy z tlustymi wlosami a ktorzy maja dziewiczy wasik-pizdzisko pod nosem!
co sie cieszysz wlasnie Cie opisal :d
jak znajdziesz to zapodaj linka ;>
gl wss
best match in groupstage
jungle brothers = cic7 winners?
viel glück buschbrüder ^^
imo start without JB!
izi 4 JB <3.
You have € 10 on Percep
Possible win: € 125.1
need serversoz
izi for #Perception.et
Great work adminz....

13:30 JB vs aGu
13:30 JB vs Percep
no suprise with a packed schedule
You have € 753 on pl Percep Cancel bet
Possible win: € 6310.14
go b1tchjieee<33 ;))
gl cheater
Viewer Peak: 127
they r waiting 4 IP!!!:D
yes we do :D
gl JB
serverssssssssssssss please
how can i wantch the match, wehre can i get the ip?
You cant wantch ;]
187 people waiting for drunk polish ass to show up :D
gl m4lczik:D
is wss still alife? :x and aima? O_o
afaik wss is back, and aima dodged :D
wtf is with this match?

where w0nd3r and perception:D?
perception dont have 5 players as it seems
they played a prev match with 1 merc ?
so maybe u allow them 2 use the merc, too & start ?
there r about 200 doodes @ ettv still waiting )
they dont tell us anything
admins aren't doing anything about them?
no they arent going anything about them.
just give forfeit... like those sad polaks have any chance
agree with rimi

lan = fun...but thats retarded
how unexpected to see wssquad not playing...
Score ? I cant watching it because im in work : <
No score yet. It seems like at least one of them (Aima) dodged, don't know where wssquad and Anatolik are... :/
Ye i know, Aima is not working and he cant go because of money:{
And he only found out 1 week before the LAN?
Do u think Aima is a cheater ? He is nice guy with good aiming in ET. He cant go there because of money, thats all.
I don't think he's a cheater, I only played him once and that was summer last year in which he didn't impress me at all. Don't know how he evolved to this moment and don't care that much. I just find it strange that you cancel a LAN-participation 1 week before the LAN starts because you don't have a job nor money. I mean, couldn't he have guessed that earlier that he wouldn't have the money if he didn't have a job?
indeed, that's why he was busted
Who starts talking about cheaters now? He asked if he only found out ONE WEEK before the lan!
he have no money but can play entrence fee? wut
yes we think aima is cheater due to the fact hes busted before and now landodging with the worst excuse ever, how the hell can you not remember until 1 week before lan that you dont have no money and no job to pay for it? Hes a cheater nerd just like you
heh, still you'd realize one would play clean before a lan
nastepnym razem jak bedziesz cos chcial przyningliszowac to wez uzyj slownika i wiedzy z 5 klasy podstawowki jebany kasztanie
LoL just wait. Its lan, its normal.
its not
it is, if u watched previous CF lans ..
ye have seen all but how the fuck they always got problems and stuff
because they have to fix everytime on a very short term (the pc's drivers etc etc) and it seems that they just dont learn from their mistakes (eventho its the 7th lan :P)
ye didnt think so much ahead that pc problem with abort wasnt good now all games 1hour delayd because of that.
way more delay incoming i suppose...
eazy one for JB :)
2 Polaks drunken xD
wss playing?
well, defwin for jb & nextmatch <.< ty
simply unbelievable -_-
2 eazy for jb
izi bash
4 - 0 easy bash
7-40 :XD and ego quited to hide stats on gr XD
only dolar was decent,kb do your job!
wiesiek often showed that he is clean
7-40 lalalalalalalalala <3
well done wss & anatolik, well played xD
anatolik 7/40 on lan but online 40/7 thats all anyawy hes BUSTED
Anatolik is always low :) wss is drunk i think
Troche wstyd xd
troszke :D
Kurwa dawaj team zakladamy nie ma nikogo ogarnietego kto moze grac po nocach xd
nie gram juz : D tylko se mecze poogladalem :D ale moze kiedys cos stworzymy ;]
ja pierdole brawo wss cwelu !! lanproofed kurwo lanproofed...
rly anatolik is a joke xDD

even vs infused he was getting like 5 frags max in a fullhold as allies :DD and 100dmg in 2mins ;DDD(online he would be 50+ acc vs them)