to Make odds even vs rockit.ET (8654 views)

pl edain
pl numeric
pl Krein
pl Frag`Stealer
pl dialer
it XyLoS
lv Clown
es Winghaven
be mAus
gb Meez
Winner Bracket Final
06.03.10 23:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Crossfire Intel Challenge 7
Manager: essAh (Highadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 98693
The bets are closed.

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Radio Commentary
de #CubeCast Cast server 2
By: number1dad
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Language: English
xx #CubeCast Cast server 10
By: Homer_
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Language: Polish

Total Slots: 400
Listener Peak: 117

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 541


dacie rade
e: aawww shit , stoeme hollander :'D
gl pl
pogrom rockitu soon
gl !
Final juz ?:D
go go edain
gl tmoe hf rockit :> only 2stars? wtf? :>
po tym co widzialem jak rockit zagral z YYT .... jestem pewny ze tMoe wygra :D rockit good defense but attacking ;/ lucky ;/ 8sec on supply with YYT :D rofl :D
ta szczegolnie ze przez wiekszosc spotkania grali sobie 4fun ...
gl ^ HF OGIEN pr()lan:D!!!!! "ale urwał".. :D
gl & hf both
GL tMoe, i hope you will surprise and win. All my moneyz on you.
shoutcast asking for password? :s
Huu?? HF both

e: Plz fix the shoutcast :)
seems fixed now
Number1dad restarted his computer, Spankie learnt to speak with the microphone next to his mouth :XD no idea about the echo
gonna be close tho i'd say rockit takes it 5-3 ;)
You have 647 on tMoe
Possible win: 1403.99
omg mAUs omg ;)
hf :)
this will be a nice close match
need kAAl
Really impressed with tMoe's attacking teamplay against Dignitas, and thought Rockit looked a bit shaky against YYT, this could be close, maybe even go tMoe's way.
grush tank def was also impressive :D
GL Tmoe!! Musicie to wygrac!
3 stars imo
gl Krein fragstealer
I need ettv ://
Just bet 3230€ on Rock It to make the odds even. ":D"
How many delay this time ? Let's start a contest to guess it.

I say... 15 min > 23.30 !
i bet they died coz of germany nuclear bomb attack
Today 23:30 CET

Good for me atm !
23:45 for me
All players (?) on server at 23.30, I GONNA WIN.
I say... 1.5 hours
23.....xD mins...
ooooo the world is mine!!!!
no kAAl no win
Polska scena odżyła
homer tanczysz nago przy glosnikach?

merdam ogonem
^^ jak w bruno?
ale tak na powaznie zapodaj jakis dobru shout :P
To moj debiut, postaram sie <stress> :)
rumianek pomoże :P
kurwa pierwszy raz slysze shoutcasta w ktorym ktos puszcza muzyke ktora da sie posluchac
z emocjami synu i bedzie dobrze :D
hahaha dogioles :DDDDDD
izi panowie macie to!
FFS, nice delay, 4 mins ;)
tMoe pl 2.00 2.00 eu ROCKIT
polagz will deliver!
2.00 and 2.00 nice :D
zeby tylko chlopaki nie rozluznili sie za mocno po dignitasach ;((( mam zle przeczucia kurwa! za duzo frajdy jak na jeden wieczor
Need more servers
moar slots...
Total Slots: Auto

we're currently able to add 4425 slots to this match - auto enough?
mhhh, i think that yes :P But there is still lot of ppl to ask moar sloooots
no kurwa ogien panowie. zrobcie to w koncu. polski klan nr.1 na crossfire
Dadza rade !

E: :(
2-0 for rockit
omg ;/
Total Slots: Auto
Used Slots: 521
Viewer Peak: 540

Very nice game; 4 - 0 RI soon (supply 11:45 by tmoe, after 1:30 Ri capped flag)
Ri mAus got crushed ! :D
4-0 ;<
mniej alkoholu panowie!! ale i tak bylo wychujanie!
Maus with pf! :D
gg 4:0 rockit
Bywa :/
4:0 too bad
gg rockit.. <3 xylos, mAus
4-0 :( but frag`stealer better dmg then maus :)
GG ...
polaks finally got rolled
stfu, angry jealous cunt
WP by both teams!
You have € 360 on pl tMoe
You lost
You have € 1232 on pl tMoe
You lost
Wow I swear I canceled the bet. :X
gG tho.
rolled :{D
You have € 500 on eu ROCKIT
You won € 1015
Frag'Stealer best player!!!!!!!