HighBot vs sFx Monkeys (14659 views)

tr fireBall
ru humM3L
de criatura
at kanowne
de ohzor4
at silent
fi Tiigeri
fi mystic
fi Xpaz
fi torspo
fi Jauhis
fi Saintt
Group D - Matchweek 2
05.12.06 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ClanBase ET EuroCup XIV
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Adacore (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Braundorf_b4
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Total Slots: 1,000
Listener Peak: unknown

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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 815


Easy for sFx <3
2 easy
wildcard coming
haha mystic wants to disapoint again 800 views
bet on rewind they will win fo sho!!
ofc they will, like never
sfx can we win this 4on6
gl fireBall :D !

fireBall TURKEY
criatura GERMANY
kan0wne AUSTRIA
ohzor4 GERMANY
silent AUSTRIA

vs Monkeys
7o6 will be good for <<
you dont know how to put flags? :<
kanowne xD
lol i didnt know they had pc's in Turkey, so i'd prolly imigrade to Germany as well if I was him
he already lives in germany afaik :)
go humM3L
No possible way to win for sFx after today's performance... all on [<<]!
ur stupid ^^ if u just have 1 bad match then u suck for always?? tard :<
no but o8 got time of 5 mins on grush... that VERY bad played imo
thats true :D but I think they underrated 08. to much :<
yeh the odds r going 2 go the other way!!
izi bash fo rewind
picture the objective as a BigMac hummel
sfx sux but my rule number 1 = never bet on highbot
teamplay > aim, rewind has a good chance :)
yeah, teamplay > mystic's 1 headshot and 26ACC <3
Acc has almost nothing to do with the real aiming skill. mystic for example had always a low acc but a superb aiming. It depends on your playing/aiming style ( preshooting/ shooting even in uncomfortable situations/ shooting non stop when you are at low health to get some last lotto hits etc. ).
If you have the aiming style of e.g. maus and still get an 26 % acc then it's real bad aiming.
danke für die tipZzZ! (doppelplus)
Ich seh keine Tips in meinem Post, aber dennoch keine Ursache. <3
head0r wird nun auch wieder highskill!!
die bombe auf a, im anschlag die ak
Really well said, butchji for instance just loves to sit by a crate and let the opponent come to him and then gets a kill.
rewind got teamplay?
gL fireball <3
it just isnt the same w/o raveneye
parodia lineup was:


no way this lineup is ever gonna be better than the old parodia!
not to mention the clan before parodia: gunslingers; mystic, replicator (even better at that time as mystic) raveneye etc. best et clan ever
So you're saying Raveneye was in gunslingers?
well maby im CONFUSED, but replicator & mystic 4 sure
kylse tänää menee paremmi :P
easy for sfx now
sfx < all
mystic = n000000000b

what did all the mystic-fanbois expects ??
GL to both teams..
Hope mystic is going to become good again! :D
Since rewind is still something else than Noll8, sFx should have a chance this time.
After yesterday, I think rewind can take it.
easy for atkan0wne :D
true! dats cause he hacks like!
sFx sux .vs. noll8

but they will make it

sFx get bashed...
kanowne > backupboy thats for sure.
I can already say now, that he will be potm.
dunno about this match... i hope mystic will wake up and kill anyone this time...
[<<] vs hx 0:4 this says anough for me sfx ftw
c'mon you judged hime as a noob already first shot with panzer on grush.. he had his time some years ago.. he havent played for a while euther except some fun wars etc.
simple, saintt was the brain of parodia, like night for idle (remeber zP, cdap-pi vs idle).
saintt is playing tonight
rewind will take it fo sho!


And dont tell me its a spoof it is not, ETguid AND PBguid are busted :X
can ouy say me the command to get the pbguid?
mystic pownz0r: part 2
is he going to own more walls with his leet panzah today?
+1 butchji .

gl sFx.monkeys :> ! my 5 last € on you :D .
btw... you can't go lower than 10 € so you can always bet ;)
oh shit :(
that's not good? i thought it was good, otherwise when you make 1 wrong bet, no more other bets? stupid... :D
But nobody cares even if its obvious... ET is free :)

Kanowne should give his bot to mystic tbh :p
i wish et1 was playing, in my opinion he was potm of yesterdays match.
what is the cmd for pb guid?
It will be interesting to see if sfx has enough players. Anyways I cant wait to see Saintt play. I'm gonna follow my instinct and go with sfx. I just wish I had money left after yesterday.

Your bet: 5€ on sFx Possible Win: 7 € (+2 €)
vrael sux.. waaaai no chance for rewind then
Good I don´t play!
pb_plist list players with thiers pb guids (at least some extraxt from whole guid)

PB_help FTW!
go monkeys
go vrael!
saintt is playing NICE rly nice =)
indeed now the ods for victory are better GL monkeys
Gotta love tosspot's faith in mystic :]
go xpaz <3
great match <3 3rd map ! :D
hummel set next time and your mates maxpackets more than 40 and you gona win ...
indu set next time in your comments english more than level "noob" and you gonna write a real english sentence
halt die fresse kacknoob. Ich hab deutsch mehr gelern als english. Kanns du deutsch. Ne ?
gg wp sFx
i said 4-2 ;) , wp sfx
sfx stays with abmonkeys:D
gg mystic!
bb humM3L group bla death .. what ?!
plz tell me
nice game, torspo really showed his skills on radar with the objective. potm.
gg abmonkey;s
gg mystic @ radar
you can say what ever you like about mystic, but you cant denie that he has class.
depends what class we are talking bout, yesterday he was pokemon class but today he played pretty good.
gg , nice 2 3pf in radar .

mystic or torspo potm
mystic played good today! :)
great job monkeys keep it up ;)
goldrush was very nice to watch
great job sFx, now win the cup
So many feels