aToOn - xPz vs g5squad (5279 views)

ee vimm
ee LudA
ee ghoul
ee Ince
ee crea
ee eRaz
gb h3lix
gb Wakizashiuk
gb skydeh
nl Ati_
be Shizzle
fi crod
2nd league Quartel-Final
21.03.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 WinterCup 2010
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: gh0ul (Requestee)
Maps: Reactor_final
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Total Pot: € 23244
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 38



gl eraz
GL xPz !_!
only one way g5 roll is 4:0
ludA vs crod, should be a nice match for KB to watch XD
jenka khoksoafk hmm, ghoul my bad. He is pretty good mby :D
gl crod !! chino
ee L U D A ee
ee Uee D ee
ee Dee U ee
ee Aee L ee
ee L U D A ee
ee Uee D ee
ee Dee U ee
ee A[flag=ee] L [flag=ee]
[flag=ee] J E N K A A [flag=ee]
[flag=ee] E [flag=ee][flag=ee] K [flag=ee]
[flag=ee] N [flag=ee][flag=ee] N [flag=ee]
[flag=ee] K [flag=ee][flag=ee] E [flag=ee]
[flag=ee] A [flag=ee][flag=ee] J [flag=ee]


[flag=ee] G H O U L [flag=ee]
[flag=ee] H[flag=ee][flag=ee]U [flag=ee]
[flag=ee] O[flag=ee][flag=ee]O [flag=ee]
[flag=ee] U[flag=ee][flag=ee]H [flag=ee]
[flag=ee] L[flag=ee][flag=ee]G [flag=ee]
hey dude, i aint owning u any money so please stfu and stop trashing this
mihkel on hetkel crodi libu, las ta ajab enda paska :)
vimm tru that, mängisin ETd viimati poolteist nädalat tagasi ja ma crodi libu. lawl : D
engrish isn't a word.
mihkel aka diesel :))))))
how come wurSt/mihkel aka diesel can play CB :))))?
I dont know, dont care. Its just so fucking ironic :D
You have been kicked because: auf wiederschen tard
because he has no proofs :))))
sa niiiii andekas hakkzzz tunnen su üle uhkust et olemas oled. pariM!
good luck g5, you willl need it =P

Gl crodtard :D
gl g5 <3
nerds gonna get rolled
all my money on you crod

You have € 42 on gb g5 Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1031.52
You have € 10 on gb g5 Cancel bet
Possible win: € 201.4

h3lix please.. dont let me down for the 1055th time.
hax vs hax
too izi 4 g5squad

You have € 50 on gb g5 Cancel bet
Possible win: € 652
izi 4 ati :).
GL xPz =)
gl jenka :)
izi for xPz!
gl ati
crod :DDD :) :3
luda :DDD :) :3

go !
crod hahahahha pls still play on etbot?
hf crod xDDD
mhm ati ga je deze winne jonguu

!! :D
crods not playin
Crod isn't even in our team anymore :o we could do with him vs luda -.-
waki low izi for xpz
You lost vs us and still have the audacity to say low :D
u egoquited vs me stfu noob
lost one map? and then u egoquit sad low is sad :)
u wasnt ther played vs emortal waki and dunno who was 3rd and they sayd Skeit u hack bb

hf nice guys
gl vimm ghoul
gl luda and VIMM <3
Nice luck win guys. Wp mant, carry merc :)
HEA T88 MENT, MA OLEN UHKE SU YLE!!! woohoo v6it!!! yeaaa!!!
olen ma õigel teel, et sa ei saanud isegi mängida : DDDDDDDDD?
no, i trickjumped from the roof :D
no no, that wasnt why we lost... its coz i let an engy thru the door... thats the whole reason we lost.
So much for coming to beat us again waki, and win the cup! Expected; WP xPz

Unlucky H3lix :<