vs PowerMaurerClanGermany (2556 views)

pl cubz
pl Gold
pl Boroni
pl Picollo
pl Acez1
de Cleaner
de wunderk1nd
de c0bra
de pate
de saiken
22.04.10 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 OpenCup Spring 2010
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Boron (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 2675
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Enemy Territory TV
de [Z.U.Z] offline
By: Highlander (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 10


gl kubus :)
hf Boron
GL PMCG !!^^

gruß an
de Cleaner
de wunderk1nd
de c0bra

May the best team win {Fingers crossed ^^)
easy for PmCg GLand hf
GL !
go go boron XD
win by forfeit, damn i hate it so badly : /
scaried yermanssss
Once the match as start no complain will be accepted - sorry
we won it by forfeit :o
cancel the match... dont fuck with us :O we were kicked from OC coz we didnt have correct guids, and they reported it after the match, so bai bai yermans, pls cancel the match :o

yermans had merc in their team, so cool story...
Only the last entered GUID (the one you can see on your account's page) in the changelog will be considered as valid to play with. If the clan can proof beyond reasonable doubt that it is the correct player who played, only a Yellow card is given and the match result will not be changed.
And how they did proof/they proofed (whatever) that he is the correct player...
correct guid - yawn - ip match
oho.... bad loser
"........... : / "
So gehört sich das :) gratz > PMCG