nulli secundus vs energy-WAVE (5482 views)

be isenxl
ee frEeze
ee rAUL
se nordaN
se newbje
ca rossko
ca anim
us pAuZ
lt revee
be Prydz
02.05.10 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XXI
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Killerboy (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Bremen_b3
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Total Pot: € 12667
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 218


1st gl
hopefully my brother can get his pc fixed!
gl ewave :):) <3 rossko, rockstar, pauz, anim
gl guis!
hopefully my brother can get his pc fixed!
hopefully my brother can get his pc fixed!
gl anim, freeze & revee: )
no rockstar no win
gl freeze :)
Used slots : 2 ,, EuroCup ?! :(
xD epic match
gl ewave :)
anim is the most retarded person ever :D
gl eWAVE !
hahahhaha good game!!!
anim mad :)
what happened
[22:47:55] [nou\mant] played the whole game as "i smurf in nc and dont get banned"
[22:48:04] [nou\mant] then when nulli was finishin supply attack
[22:48:06] [nou\mant] 20 secs to end
[22:48:07] [nou\mant] paused
[22:48:09] [nou\mant] said brb
[22:48:11] [nou\mant] then came back
[22:48:14] [nou\mant] unpaused
[22:48:17] [nou\mant] then paused again
[22:48:24] [nou\mant] and in attack played covert and flamed everyone
[22:48:34] [nou\mant] think he mad
[22:48:46] [Roba`7s] :D
[22:48:47] [nou\mant] dont know what he did in first map
[22:48:48] [@[CB]Killerboy] he mad
MANT is GOD of ET omg omg
anim does have a point
No he doesnt, they shared etkeys, nordan and ee guys didnt.
doesn't matter the end ringed for us and he got banned for 3 months as well.

e: shared keys lmfao, where did you get that idea from?
Quote: ClanBase Since the situation with both teams has been handled by our C&A division we are now taking the step of removing both teams from competition. After banning the 2 involved players Anim and TheEnd Canada will be removed due to the person involved being their teamleader. For team USA the request was made to remove them by Mistaken, the American team captain. While it is regrettable the fault is theirs alone. Playing for a nation that you do not belong to will be punished severely.
we didnt share anything :P
You are completely retarded if you took Killerboy's word for "sharing keys" lol.

e: u rly think that NA ppl, who give a shit about serious ET thus using diff players from another nations for their games, that they wna put the effort in it of copying/sharing ET Keys, i dont think so.

anyway, cb/kb should finally be concequent for once, but noooo .ee has night and reload in it we cant ban those?! if ca got banned, so should ee
no rockstar no WIN.
no rockstAr no win. nuff said
This animal guy fuckin' blows. Not to mention a whiny little bitch.
This Silva guy got caught cheating. Not to mention is a noname scrub.
Ha ha, Never once got caught cheating. Show me some proof son. Of course you believe I cheat cause you can't fuck with me boy.
Can't fuck with what? Who are you again?
You are garbage broski, trust us that :)
little late dontchya think?
what? you are black? : D
i don't like watermelon.. ;)
well i do like watermeleon, tasty stuff (;
sorry for all the fans, but I was drunk and stoned²²². Got a last minute phone-call from America (loel) and the team already wild-carded so