Finspastic 5 vs squirtle (6815 views)

fi miNd
fi Stuka
fi vokki
fi repje
fi chmpp
pl Lukey
pl Lest
pl ght
pl Rodia
pl aDman
pl Lucas
06.05.10 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XXI
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: vokki (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 29081
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 84


pl ght
pl lesti
pl Rodia
pl tba
pl zMk
zMk played with Phantoms, he can't change clan during groupstage.

new lineup is
ght, lesti, Rodia, tba, Radagast
not funneh, beeing stabbed from all the sides all the time.. need some new high lvl word for that -.-
zMk played with Fear Factory, how the hell was he allowed to play with a new team within 3 matchweeks?

1) Berza was a qualifier clan BUT was in Seed 2 /3 which meant that he didn't help them qualify, even if they lose they would have still been in EC
2) Berza didn't play any groupstage match
3) Berza died, which means that 3 matchweeks don't count even if 1) didn't apply, we have the rule to prevent ppl from helping quali teams qualify and joining your old clan back (example would be: mAus helping nkNn to win the qualifier and going back with overload)
Seems pretty ridiculous, it's still a qualifier and he still played in the EuroCup tournament for that clan, qualifier or not.
Must admit I thought they played a group game though, so it's not at bad as it seemed.
you know more about my clanmates than i do... should i say wiadrobbed?
yes, it seems to be something with the polish rifles :S
ez for squirtle
gl aDman my wingman! Be legend...wait for it...dary!
I won't play unless they reschedule the game!

When I get sad, I stop being sad, and be AWESOME instead. True story.
gl squirtles !
przyda sie Wam ^^
Cool, one of my favourite pokemon.

hydro pump* !
this actually is 'water gun'

squirtle doesn't learn hydro pump until he has double cannons, being blastoise

thats why lucas is only a backupboi
squirtle can do a hydro pump, he just goes back in his shell and pump water while spinning fucking fast
Marko roll them noobs :)
no kapaa?
kapaa has no time to play anymore
lold hard xDDD
Why would u lol hard? :o()
lucas will play <3 ?
Sup with asphyxia if stuka plays here?
MTM > Stuka
We don't have enough players for playing actively so I guess it's a reasonable option for him to rather play with fpsastic :p

Besides we haven't been too active in the last two months, except a couple of pracs and one offi :D
gl vokkito
hf lucas and lukey
plssssssssssss moar polaks with name which starting with L:-D maybe nextime Lght and try Ladman and Lodia:-D

I won't play, will be back on Sunday and since zmk fucked us up by playing with another EC team, it might be that the match won't be played at all. Will try to manage somehow and play the groupstage when I get back :p.
cool story mr. L:-D
CHILZ an awesome lineup incomin:DDDDDDdd
well we havent pracced recently and it will be a mix, so... fail:DDDDdd
GL Lucas, aDman !
expected fail ;]
I wont say anything because u won easily
only 3 mercs and a mountain of problems, couldnt be anything else:D
2 lysych :X