Orphans vs asYlum-Gaming (6203 views)

pl 3xodus
pl Dinon
pl Merge
pl Stefan
pl Tw33x
pl Vitos
pl aDman
pl Dolar
pl ravage
pl wi4dro
pl Yetti
pl zico
07.01.07 20:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: gods.cup
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: mnich (Requestee)
Maps: Braundorf_b4

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de #1 ettv at h3-tech.org (#h3-tech)
By: orsz (ettvd)
de ETTV.fr, Hub/Recorder 1 (30 slave slots)
By: Frop (ettvd)


Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 39


asYlum lineup:


easy bash 4 orphans i think =[
all my money on orphans
Orphans line up:


easy for asylum ofc
GL Orphans!!!
HF asYlum
<3 adman
asylym - med
orph - low

ofc easy money ...
Easy for asYlum.
asylum pls bring me some money :o
1.25 np
Orphans 1.47 vs 3.14 asYlum-Gaming Total pot: 18819 €
Your bet: 127€ on asYlum Possible Win: 399 € (+272 €)

hi2u my fanboi xD
Orphans 5.00 vs 1.25 asYlum-Gaming Total pot: 7516 €

hi2u my idol! AVE!!
owned :<
low vs low
says the pro?
I would bet 400$ on asylum, but as u said low vs low.. everything can happen :D
You're damn rich, mister!
I've got only 848 $ :((
easy for orph !! ;)
easy for asylum
adman dolar ;****
gl admi ;*
pwn them all!
thanks mister but i won't use fuckin' mouse :)
hehe this is gods cup i must promoted low skilled clans :>
Your bet: 12000€ on orphans
Possible Win: 15480 € (+3480 €)
omg mnich ;)
Easy for aDman and Dolar, my little cheaters <3.
as i said to fobje i won't use my mouse... so u know what :D
LOL HOW EASY FOR ORPHANS :O ---> http://yawn.boozze.be/findPlayer.yawn?nick=Merge&pbGuid=&etproGuid=&gamecode=ET
with this hax Oprhans will win!
gl aDmi t3h lagg3r :D

Your bet: 25€ on asYlum
Possible Win: 108 € (+83 €)
MTMJE!:) hi2u my skilled finnish non-lagg3r :)
easy for asylum
Orphans 1.32 vs 4.14 asYlum-Gaming LOL :D
Watch the game and decide - we have hax or not...

Greets to guys who see hax everywhere :*
easy bash for adman imo adman vs orphans ^^

my bet on adman <3
.hu nigger what are u talking about? im too skilled to own some shit! i dont want to use my mouse to play this game!

and i almost forget: <3 FOBJE =)
#orphans.et need Q =]
Omg, it's adman! Asylum already (np) won!!!
teh real one , famous adman ?! orlynowaikkthxplzpwnme.
btw adaś sux.
imo zico wants to be like Adman :D
Stefan, exodus GL!
aDman > orphans

go go aDman ! ; D
asylum wins god skill:)
easy for asylum gogo wi4dro ;d
i tak zico wszystkich pobierze :C Orphans < asylum
yea, and what's his nick?
our member 4 sure. plzdie
Plz don't die, but suffer | facts are what they are
where'r the facts? Coz i'm probably blind =0
sure zico! i think that all of asylum players cheating :) and our clan mail is asylum88ca@hotmail.com for sure
I didn't say that lol :) Read and use ur brainz before you write. I never said any of u were cheating...
btw. easy for adman xD
adman Vs orphans 4:0
gl our fellas

edit: sacr smirire :D
hehe why do you type win for asYlum? :) Orphans vs asYlum 4:2 ! :] I dont understand your types! aDman who is ;o?
learn english plz
aDman is a bad man : <
aDman is your mum, dad and other shitty ppl who can pwn u like shit
slots plz : O ?
my money on adman!
slots plz :O?
banzai lidzodupie afrykanski;S
learn english, blind pl boy :x
kk GL asYlum !
ettv ?
Your bet: 54€ on orphans
Possible Win: 270 € (+216 €)

!!! DUPAylum < Sierotki z Zakonu Frederyków
adman > lowskillers from orphans
yeeeee <o/ 4:0