zeroPoint! Gaming vs HighBot (17547 views)

at Darky
at Potter
at Rapture
de Butchji
de Hatred
ch Gifty
ru humM3L
de criatura
tr fireBall
de murDa
de haZer
de FlixX
Winners Bracket First Round
14.01.07 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ClanBase ET EuroCup XIV
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Adacore (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Slots: 1,000
Listener Peak: unknown

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Viewer Peak: 481


1st zP imo
izi 1 for rewind
: D
izi money?:D
gl fireBall_ if you play , but zP! will take over imHo :))

Your bet: 25€ on zP! Possible Win: 125 € (+100 €)
zP! imo

cool name u got there, WHO did you STEAL it FROM? -angryface-
nP 4 zP
gl [<<]
Why are all odds fucked up?
At a guess, somebody with lots of money being 'funny'...
Trying to fool the newbies with the odds, to get high odds for the "better" team, I guess.
FlixX out imo
'ok' stupid joke :<
zP imo
i guess criatura can't play, as he burned his hand with some fireworks at new years day :/ (no joke!)

So easy one for zP! imo T_T
he think he will be fit untill the match
rofl what a fag
why am i not suprizZzed that this happend to a yerman?
doch er kann spielen...nur ohne sprinttaste :/
i played with him one day after the accident ^^
he couldnt strafe but @ war against zP he will be fit again =)
GL <<
zP! > highbot
so izi for [<<] .... who is that zP? o_O
rofl @ odds
zeroPoint! Gaming 4.29 vs 1.30 Rewind Total pot: 42731 €
yeah, should be
zP 5.00 - rewind 1.25
Thx for letting me read that and waste 4 seconds of my time.
i think answering on my comment was like 5 seconds wasting of time..and now reading my comment again takes like 5 seconds, too...
but the thing is, i dont care
esay for rewind
lols n1 odds :D 2 easy 4 zP! just fireball that got a nice aim in rewind, played 2-2 against them, -.-
hes just a lagger :o
Your bet: 50€ on zP! Possible Win: 180 € (+130 €)

GL zeroPoint!
nice odds...

i think zP will win because they got the amazing riffle gifty ;) , butchji, hatred and potter ...
butchji and hatred > idle
ya rly?
No Kanowne :<
gl at
easy 4 zP!
gl both nice game i hope
Final Rewind Roster for the game

maps pls, cuz when it's gonna be et_ice [<<] wil win
gl vatti :P
gogo zP!
pls bold this match :/
haha stupid easy for rewind haha lol..zeropoint is going 2 win this 1 easy :P
gl rewind
go back to where u came from evan cheater
stfu looser cheater
2ez for rewind
zp ownes this rewind nubs :D
viel spaß potter :>
Your bet: 21500€ on zP!
Possible Win: 26875 € (+5375 €)
flixx played with uQ in EC soz
1st: zP take this one 2nd: idle, i regret to say that, vanquishes hx 3rd: zP wins against cdap 4th: idle clashes zP 5th: butchji frazzles reload and night once more
Your bet: 7210€ on zP!
Possible Win: 9013 € (+1803 €)
go Hatred <3
Your bet: 314€ on zP!
Possible Win: 393 € (+79 €)
gL zeropoint ! <3
rewind ftl!
Your bet: 8€ on zP! Possible Win: 10 € (+2 €)
My money on zP! but <3 with [<<]
ScoreS ?
WHATs going on ? No game will be played today ?
rewind fo sho :D
easy bash for zP!
gl criatura <3
We already talked with the admins, and they agree, we are allowed to add 2 players after the group stage is over, and that will be flixx+zero, so they are allowed to play vs. zeropoint (They already played in eurocup, but there was a break period after christmas) Flixx will play versus zeropoint, I'm not sure if zero will tho.
hahahaha, gg wp admins xDDD
That's the worst part with ClanBase current rules, that you can add players who have already been knocked out once. What's the logic in that? (We had the same problem in some DoD EC's back in the days)
1. They was before EC started allready in the lineup :) in the cb roster.
2. Both clans from them died , and there was a break period.
3. This EC is without money , and all admins knows that zero/flixx played before with us in HB.

So who cares this EC is without money, and the last game from us was before xmas. zP is the clear favorite :P
"1. They was before EC started allready in the lineup in the cb roster."

Fast geil genug für nen quote :o
uq isnt dead
lies, nice game ofr a team who hasnt pracced for a month
zP! gl!
GL monkey-gifty!
go mashed! :D
lol danone, very sexy showup^^
2:2 ohohohoohohoh OMIGOT
omkfg more slots pls
omg 8B
he, nice one zP! :)