vs The Last Resort (25901 views)

ee Night
ee r3vers
de urtier
de senji
si JaKaZc
hr aCozZ
cz marv
es Winghaven
il Crozz
be dav1d
lv clown
Winners Bracket First Round
11.01.07 23:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ClanBase ET EuroCup XIV
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Adacore (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Language: English

Total Slots: 1,100
Listener Peak: unknown

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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 796


URTIER <3 best fieldops !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
urtier kennt auf oasis alle soldier positionen aber sein aim ist nur mid
gl marv
5th :P
aMenti can do it.
If they play really good.
Idle for sure IMO
BB aMenti <3


"December 17 23:04 Added member(s) Jauhis"
Neither Jauhis or Mztik are on their allowed list, afaik.
Mztik is now, they added him, Jauhis isn't (and can't be added)
because he played for amonkeys, right?
Actually because they've now used their 1 player addition in the playoffs. Since Jauhis (and amonkeys) didn't play in the last week of groups there was nothing to stop them adding him instead.
jauhis @ army tbh 5.00 vs 1.25 aMenti
ee 1.25 vs 5.00 eu aMenti

Upside-down now
Never thought I would encounter Idle having 5.00 for the bet.
easy money..

Possible Win: 80 € (+64 €)
some rich guy being funny tbh 5.00 vs 1.25 aMenti Total pot: 61580 ˆ its joke? 4.49 vs 1.29 aMenti Total pot: 64365 €
Your bet: 200€ on idle Possible Win: 898 € (+698 €)
plz idle forsure
idle ofc
i hope he forget to cancel his 50 000 bet, would be funny to see him losing that money
Idle will win, I think. They are just too strong. And I like to watch them playing.
But I hope aMenti will play a good match, too. Have fun!
aMenti will win
Marv ftw :) Go aMenti
loled @ odds :> Idle will win fo sho
500€ on idle Possible Win: 1255 € (+755 €) idle<3
will be idle, they got 3 estonians, so better communication... :)

But both teams skills are just unbelievable...
they speak english anyways lolz
don't screw my prediction... :)
u stfu imo lol ;o
omg. aMenti = lotto skill, so no chance against
ez bash 4 idle :)
WINGHAVEN!! I will be TaZhaven someday =)
rofl @ odds 2.41 vs 1.71 aMenti Total pot: 104208 €
As much as I could for idle
amenti > idle
low vs low DAMN
[ofc im joking]
cz all on idle
Wing cmon
Winghaven <3 (if u spec the guy, it's just like he's flying over the ground :P)
yeah panza and supports all flying around :P
Yeah go WingHhHhHaven!!!!!!!!
Ofc winghaven own whole idles team
:o fanboy
so what? xD
more slots would be nice
the match is still 10 days away... just wait, i bet my granny that there will be over 800 slots
Total Slots: 780, I hope you won't lose your granny
gl wing :)
oddsfuckers here?
hopefully 2000+slots
will be record slots & shoutcast =)
tzzzz idle payed 4 the win. so better bet on them
Funny odds:>
bah, no tosspot :<
sexy match
Si sexiHooo! I like big gun's ^^ So go go Wini:)
go aMenti :D
70th !!!!!!!!!!!!eleven
you must be bored when you are spamming gtv ....
but he, I have a solution for that problem. Go spam
go aMenti <3
no tosspot :< BUT WE GOT MASHED!!! woo!
gl idle ! :)
I got a weird feeling that amenti is going to bash idle...
I got a weird feeling that you guys are retards.
I got a weird feeling that you don't understand the reason why we said it!?
I got a weird feeling you don't know what your talking about.
I got a weird feeling you should all shut up :P
I got a weird feeling I was trying to "lol" the pot, but it seems like Claimax is to *censored* to understand it ...
Idle will takes ThisOne for Sure
whe will see, i don't know the aMenti clan :( so......
to bad ur an idiot fo sho for Q!! :D
yOu dont?!?!?!
OMG where are you living ??
gl david @ walem :=)
GL aMenti
idle is realy good clan..i <3 idle ,but luck is evil aMenti can win too :)
Your bet: 500€ on idle
easy bash for amenti 1.25 vs 5.00 aMenti Total pot: 337102 €
Your bet: 5€ on aMenti
Possible Win: 25 € (+20 €)
Its gonna be on midnight?! (time here)
Your bet: 465€ on idle Possible Win: 581 € (+116 €)

go ranzetj
both great teams but idlee is better.
go wingo!
Your bet: 712€ on aMenti
Possible Win: 3560 € (+2848 €)

You'll lose ;(
Your bet: 60000€ on idle
Possible Win: 75000 € (+15000 €)
I dont bet for cash, i bet for favorite team ofc.
lies, you wouldn't have so much money in that case
i had 60k b4. i dont rly care about thiz. got bored, now my money is for my fav teams]
pls why only giga2 :<<<
gl both teams (L)
Your bet: 281€ on idle
Possible Win: 351 € (+70 €) :)
Wooo tekoa ftw!
aMenti is goed voor de intergratie!
Wat een multiculturele clan!
wing <3
go go go for 1mill € !!
gl aMenti like Fo Sho!
feckin haxor ur stupidity is unbelieveable
gl aCozZ i love you <3
biggest pot ever?
gl both
a lot of people are going to be happy
or not , with the result 1.25 vs 5.00 aMenti Total pot: 1000164 €
so some people would really get pwned if idle lose xD
idle winZ teh inetZ
I really hope aMenti wins ;)
Total pot: 1181420 €
idle wins supply...
nice fullhold at flag by idle xD
to easy ...
idle > world
gg idle
Idle crashed Amenti... Lost 25€...
hahaha wow.....idle ripped amenti a new one......surpriseing? i think not lol
xD history thing
littel nostalgy