Impact Gaming vs (21416 views)

24.06.10 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XXI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Adacore (Highadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 244315
The bets are closed.

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looks like oldskul =D
it will be a nice match:D
gl nlhayaa and the legendery sqzz :>
izi 4 idle hf boys!
mmmmmmmmm id say hf getting raped impact

awesome match incoming :D
3star plz !
Good luck R0SS mate <3
finaly a decent match in loooong time
squall wh take all
Not snoop, not winghaven, not mystic .....

so izi for idle
meez, hayaa > wingh
agree.. without mystic that's not the same thing
not even mystic
No Night = no win :((((
no need vs low mix-impact
this is 1 to bet against the odds :O
I'm gonna make you mine if it takes everything I have
hf sqzz 8)
No night=No win :(((.
omg where is night? :d
ils jouent avec leur lu de la lan pour train (night peux pas aller en lan à cause de l'armée :p )
He actually might attend anyway ;~)
go idlee
cmonnnnn Impact, roll'em!
GL Sqzz and Hayaa :)
who is rifle now in idle?
No Night = instant fail.


Sauf si Krj prend la Rifle.
Tu la prends alors... la rifle?
Jpense pas, peut etre de temps en temps, inch allah
Un talent gâché... ou caché... ou les deux !
non mais bon, c'est pas comme si t'étais bon avec... faut arrété les conneries un jour hugo.déjà que tu débrouilles a peu près pas mal avec une smg..
jtaime toujours Nicolas ;)
impact will win.
My mom is a shemale.
whats ur dad?
My mum is my dad, she fucked herself and I was born.
mum + dad = MAD
hi eric cartman
Ca se voit que t'as pas regardé les tout derniers épisodes! C'est plus sa mère son père!
Je sais bien, c'est un roux de l'équipe de football locale :)
izi 4 karnaj THE GBOOKY TOP PLAYER!!
t'as vu ça, il est là bibi !
you got meezed
You have € 19 on Impact
Possible win: € 196.46
where Night? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
army army army....:)
I know :XD
wait, estonia have an army? :S
coming from a guy from New Zealand :DDDDDDD
atleast it isn't a shit country
where was estonia this worldcup?

football = army :PPPPPPPPPP
GL sqzz : )
fais un kARn4J !!!
gl jakazc
gl sqzz
Kas relaodil 24. midagi paremat pole teha?
23 on jaanipäev kui sa seda mõtled :/
go idle go
gl Meez
GL-HF et Go Go KarNaj montre leur que t'es le meilleur!
Bonne chance mon copain 1337 !
gl both imo ca va être un match de fou :D
this will be a very good game gl to both. but i think idle will take this game
Sqzz vs RELOAd
XyLoS vs JaKaZc
R0SS vs drago
Meez vs Squall
hayaa vs kARn4J

close game

Guessing your 2 as Xylos > Jaka and hayaa > karnaj?
whaaaaaaat, he is only the 2nd best fops on ET !
this is a game but expected more reply :( (dont want to name anyone)
xylos isnt performing well atm

neither is reload, I dare to say that sqzz is better than reload atm
zo jij hebt grote ballen, dat je dat zomaar toch even zegt:D

would love to see these 2 teams play supply against eachother
Hamdullah ça va aller karnaj, Gl le biftek too.
gl hugo boss
gl impact!
gl: hayaa, ross, sqzz,
beau match, mais toi t'es moche hugo :D
gl hayaa & karnaj
Easy for Idle!
gl & hf nice teams :)
no need for 2 gb casts at once (imo)! Let owzo do the casting and francis can troll some ettv specs :PPPPP
even a better idea :)
you are a decent guy but that you are doing at forums is really a shame
just let owzo shoutcast,nobody wants to hear a fullnosed frenchy speaking in english :)
You have € 500 on
Possible win: € 605
izi karnaj
no fun without Night
fu karnaj, gl JaKa
Gl deryn's bf!!!!!
nice brackets

thats why god invented loser bracket OOOOHHHH
thats why god invented loser bracket
thats why top 5 :)
This actually makes it more interesting since top teams beating less skilled ones all the way through playoffs ain't that thrilling
OVERLOAd isn't in your Top 4 ?
That's why your comment make no sense.
gl both ! :-)
gl impact
gl sqzz hayaa drago reload
I trust you Impact boyz! make me dream for a night!
gluck sqzz, ross
gl idleee! <3
Muut viettää juhannusta ja squall pelaa tietsikkaa, ei yllätä
gl low skille
R0SS will carry Impact.
gl idle ee
idle will take this, nice match though
gl impact mates :D
I've never lost to R0SS

Oh and Adacore, it's dignitas not :) got so much more style :P
It was when I created the match imo.
first time for everything :P
Impact vs idle (dignitas)... I remember good.... Old but good time... Gl Karnajchoux!
Might be an interesting game, hup hayaa hup.
w/o night soldier impact probably take this
gl impact
easy sqzz :)
gl squall

remember our deal!
xylos rifle :) >> ALLLLL
You have € 700 on gb Impact Cancel bet
Possible win: € 4214
gl sqzzz
gl reload
sokl kto to do huja pana jest.. ten co na NS wbija 50 expa i wychodzi? co to za czlowiek jest?
sluchales jego shoutcasta jebany idioto ze komentujesz? Pierwszy dobry polski shoutcast, gosciu co nie powtarza 1 slowa co 5 sekund. z tego co pamietam to sok1 to komentowal przyznasz ze troche latek jest on na scenie krytykancie:)
nie wypowiadaj sie jesli nie znasz sie na scenie ET... co innego jesli zapytasz grzecznie...
ja pierdole ... a ma kurwa gra; jak Ty jedna mape przez 24h kurwa?; ooo
nigdy nie wyszedlem po 50xp to 1, 2 co ma znaczenie jak gram do tego jak komentuje :) szaranowicz w lidze mistrzow tez nie bryluje na trawce czy borek, a komentowac komentuja ;) pozdrawiam <3
a kto to do chuja pana jest jakis Arsen ? co to za niedorozwoj ?
fajny masz kompleks
omg frAncis omg

im fan Sqzz GL my master<3
Hayaa gelukkig speel je laat, zo kan de nederland nog zien :D
die praccen voor deze war btw
GO GO GO kArn4j !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GL BOTH
gogogo carnage té trau feur !
Good luck Impact, give em hell Sqzz ;p
gl sqzz
iZi KARnAJ already prooved himself @ cdc4(?) when night played with SUPERRETARDEDPLAYERS so there won't be any problem here
R0SS GL ;)
Gl Squall
He looks like an old classmate =/
lol fake it doesnt skwal
hahahahhahahaha! ;DDDDD
[21:44] <+dignitas\karnaj> Need rifle for EC game pm me
inside info - mercing rifle (aka. rahul) o:
ye like ur any near them
nah, played with rahul :p
lol 1st time I ever bet on impact...lost...

last time
wp karnaj
wp rahul, nice rifle at flagcap :P
score ?
R0SS nerd
WP drago & karnaj that was amazing
doesnt matter if impact lost. but they did fuckin awesome hold in radar!
who cares, it was 3-0 already
You have € 724 on ee
You won € 1071.52

Well played, score is 4-0 btw
gg mec tp bien joué :D
gg mec tp bien joué :D
drago berlin idol pwned :o

You have € 68 on ee
You won € 100.64
You have € 26 on Impact
You lost

Hmm thought the match would get double the viewers tbh but nvm =(

Surprised dignitas managed to win with a merc and especially since Impact pracs alot more than them. But wp both.
same here tbh
add This match has been played 297 times

and u got almost double:P(+ count that, few players watch reply @ one time)
You have € 40 on ee
You won € 59.2
squall wh

And meez shortbread is scottish not english get it right :D
what you trying to say ? i know what the united kingdom is i live here , united kingdom is not a country its a region made up by separate countries - scotland ,england,wales,N.ireland so what point are you trying to make here?