Bungalow vs Purefragging (2516 views)

la Trafo
la Tavi
gu fghrtzfghrtz
it Giovanni
ro Foamea
fi Froxe
16.06.10 11:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Miscellaneous » Matchlink
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: Motorolaj (Requestee)
Maps: Et_ice
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Total Pot: € 885
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 6


Toivon mukaa hiiri ei kuole nytten kokoaja ku naatti kädessä. :/ Vanhalla microsoft hiirellä mennää. :D
Please cancel bets:

3rd player: fghrtzfghrtz is redsie. You can see that if you request replay.

EPIC!!! :D
lol n1 but this was 2009 july it is not rly fresh
It doesn't really matter since he is still cheating.
You have to proof it, not some old pbban or gv kick from 1 year back doesnt mean you cheat.
watch the match and spec redsie no more proof needed
see the match. :D
cheater is always a cheater!
even if some1 cheating 1 time 3 years ago @ random 2.55 pub
and fghrtzfghrtz is not redsie LOL are u blind?
just u nervous coz they were beaten your team :o that's epic
no you were a nervous beaten team your epic that coz
henk henk henk waar is die pown :(((
They raged after ice... :(
henk henk henk henk henk heineken
Akakabuto Gin!
FoaMea mad???? Y/N

3hs per kill was skill!
I rolled them and redsie turned his bot on. :(
stop putting your stupid 2v2 NON-OFFI match here