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#zero.E 3on3 Cup v.32 Grand Final

04.07.10 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: #zero.E cup
Manager: Robert (Generaladmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 1853
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 21


HF polaks hackers
robaciek defending polish honor and does let em hold polish flag up in ET scene and play that game :D
zeroE`Robaciek: I;m not 100% sure
zeroE`Robaciek: you can make avi, bother killerboy
zeroE`Robaciek: I won't remove them
we both checked demos and there was a 100% wh situation with hunter :P

/ enough of crying
`can you pm the demo to me on IRC

also if you got some other proof, guid or so would be nice

/q Webe
go make an avi and stop whining
yes i really give a shit about him.
i would like to play this game instead of them and thats it, nothing wrong here, u failed at ur job leading a cup, thats a fact
can't see the fail sorry :)
Roba man must say, this action was more than weird :/
gg wp, obvious polak cheaters are obvious

You have € 580 on pl 2b3
Possible win: € 910.6
eipa noi nyt niin selvii ollu :D

dmg removalit mut ei kyl mun mielest wh.

ja missa sa olet, haxbyjam tarvitsee yhen pelurin, tuhotaan nuubit premieris!
kyllä noilla koodit oli, katteli minnuu seinien läpi aina välillä ja tollee.

ei jaksa pelaa et enää tylsä peli muutenki nyt on kesä varmaa mä jaksan jotain premii alkaa pelaa
no eihan se oo kun 30min / viikko kun me noi lowit tuolta rollataan :)

eihan me havitty yhessa yhtaan offia??!?!?
that was just full of hacks , kinda sad action, then polaks thinks and crys why they are most hated, fuckoff
puhut haxeista ja pelaat soossin kaa? :D
wynik wpisywac kurwy
puhun, ja sillä ei oo välii kenen kanssa mä pelaan, pelle
i agree kojirOo and wakabayashi he's cheating .