zeroPoint! Gaming vs (30094 views)

at potter
at darky
at rapture
de butchji
de hatred
ch gifty
ee Night
ee Reload
ee r3vers
de urtier
de senji
si Jakazc
Winners Bracket Final
01.02.07 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ClanBase ET EuroCup XIV
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Adacore (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Slots: 6,100
Listener Peak: unknown

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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 1,547



omg @ line ups :)

Exciting match to come !
Very nice ! I like yerman flag
nice gL both teams =)
Jakazc & Idle <3
Gl jakaZC!
now this is gonna be interesting
idle all!
after bashz0ring NETR idle fo sho!
idle, zP! may own in 5x5 but not in 6x6 vs idle ;)
easy for idle :]
easy for idle :] vol.2
well well well, gl zP, 1500 on you!
great match
Omgg, what a match, amazing line-up
HF and GG
gogo pOowa :)
idle > all :D
zP! owned, easy 4 gifty
well, this surely wont be easy for idle, but they will make it 4-0 i think
all on zeropoint :D gl both :D:D:D very nice match
zP! Np!!!! Easy money Because of all you idle bum boy followers :)
we will see, we will see
izi 4 zP
easy for idle with Night there this time
waited for 6on6 butchji vs idle very long <3
matches with idle are the most boring, because everybody know, that idle always win...
I guess zP will pull out their special weapon, I sure hope so! This is gonna be the match of the year :P
they dont like you.
any idea of when this will be played yet?
4 - 0 zP! i hope. The end of idle beeing the #1
I hope same buddy =) so all on zP!
ez 4 idle :p
maybe not izi but zp < idle
Nice match gl both teams.
well i expected zP! as an idle beating team and hope it will come true... but its like 30 % ... :(
tbh this match may be best match that has been recently. I have bet on idle(obviosly) but would be great to see zP putting on real challenge for idle
all on ZP!!!
Total pot: 22643 €

why two english shoutcasts?
to overpower the polish lag casters:d
pf zP is overrated looking forward to impact vs idle THIS will be the match of the year imo
impact lost to one4one already :[
ehm? We haven't played any official against them.
Like impact isnt overrated?
blame crossfire for that
best match evaH
zP isnt the team that can beat ;o
Total Slots: 360


and zP is overrated... gl an meine landsmänner...
imo zp. is the clan that can and did beat idle, so lets see :>

darky better not let me down :'<
Your bet: 745€ on zP! Possible Win: 3725 € (+2980 €)

Gl zP :*
zP.. GL
go zP!!
Night \O/

Idle ftw.
its very easy for idlle but GL ZP
2easy4u mr gifty, and gl darky but i expect 4:2 idle in all fairness.
yoyo cheater wazap in cod2 have you fun like cheaters in et ? :O
It would be nice if zP won a map- I really like idle but I wouldn't like to see the EC final where one team is totally owned by another. And I think zP! might be a good opponent for .ee guys, I really hope for that.

Good luck nad have fun, please make it a great show!
Butchji > idle\[Night] but Night > Butchji ===> idle will pwns zP
lets hope idle loses one map for the sake of competive ET
potter < Jakazc
darky < senji
rapture < urtier
butchji > r3vers
hatred < Reload
gifty > Night ( on supply < :o] )

But wayne idle own 4:0 gg :o)
maps ?
idle will win this ec again xD

idle ftw

gl zP!
oldschool > newschool ;)
newschool? LOL. dont you know who are darky, potter + rapture?
He probably means zP! > since we have three oldschoolers and only "middleschoolers" x)
JaKaZc played rtcw with inAne long time, dont think hes a midleschooler
night is also playing for 3 years or smth
But not on a high level. :-) the austrians were plan-B etc.
insAne were playing on high level imo. memorial album is nice proof tbh

P.S zP! is nice team with nice players but i think idle r more strong than ever.
classic match coming :D
have me take you under my wing, zP, and style you into being the next victor of idle, aww...GO GO GO butchji
hau sie wäg gifty
Hope zp
omfg gr8 match - zP may take it. butchji > reload.
idle for sure... but it'll be a close match i hope...
and i bet that we may need some more ettv slots....
Idle for sho!
zP! ofc
i will say one thing zP! for the win and no shit Gifty pr0 rifle :D
money on zP
"mustsee" match, i think, that this could be one of the memoriable matches.. hope so !
i hope thats 635 slots only a joke :) i think it will be a very intresting and close game. Hf!
lolz match of the year
imo no match of the year so far was NETR vs hx
well, perhaps ur right
idle are geeking too much, and when time comes to play this match, they'll say: ah fuck this stupid game, lets go out and drink.


gl both
now you can finally take me on our honeymoon!
Don't waste your money. :)
Your bet: 63€ on zP!
Possible Win: 315 € (+252 €)

yeah, the quotes are good to lose the last bag of money I have :)
===D~~~~~(- _ -)

ez bash for zP
all on zP !!!
Your bet: 30€ on zP! Possible Win: 150 € (+120 €)
idle >
go zp go! :D all the way ...!!! Go Night and Co.
You better win idle
easy 4 idle . gl both
gl zP
idle all the way
when sd is one of the maps, zp will be fullheld
4-0 victory for sho to idle
gl both
plz dont vote for match of the week zP! against, cause it will be boring...idle will rape them....and this is not exciting to watch. So imo the match of the week is amenti vs NETR, it'll be more interesting, less spawnrape.
agree. It's not always the biggest names that makes the greatest match.
yea that is true
think ist gonna be a good war zp isn't gonna be raped don't forget zp won vs idle in 5v5 so think they have also a good change in 6v6 :) gl both but go zp go :D
idle ^^
zP! plz ;_;
this is final?
not grand final, but winners bracket final.
u understand that nonsenseshit?
#kindergarten plz
going for a tante L
only zP. can win with IDLE :)
Your bet: 25€ on idle Possible Win: 31 € (+6 €)

idle ! <3
go <333
More slots tbh!
go go zP!

Your bet: 304€ on zP!
Possible Win: 1520 € (+1216 €)
idle for sho.

but would be great if zp win
easy money for zP!
Your bet: 50€ on zP! Possible Win: 250 € (+200 €)

MORE IDLE FANBOYS PLS, doesnt matter who they play against, its always the same idle > blabla, anyway gl zP! remember last time guys?
more slots plz
go mystic go
idlee ofc :D
idle clan is like M.schumacher was in f1...every one know that they win!:P

go idle go idle:)

and everyone hates schumacher...mister triple-chin. ugly, boring and a sly one

Total pot: 1217806 €

Whats the record so far?
nope, there were pots above 3 mln
potter, hatred eazy bash for ae`krompoot ae`dONKIE & ae`raidler
idle proves it again as reload who looked weak in the beginning of EC has picked his share of kills very consistently. And senji who is always under-rated is doing a fine job of holding his ground.

As usual night urtier and jakazc will bring their best. zP will need more than luck to cap off this one.
I betted all on zp!!!!! <3
you forgot something: (waki)
good luck gifty! make me proud ;D
Make me rich pls zp ! :]
100 on zP you are gonna own them
Your bet: 7€ on idle
Possible Win: 9 € (+2 €)
GL ZP gogogo!!!
zP please own them :) 2times EC winners isn't fun :'[
A prize pot of almost 2000000 :o
Good Luck zP !
but idle will probs take this 4:2
4:2 for idle

gl idle
no problem for
amenti pwned cdap.pi, zp almost lost to cdap.pi, amenti got fullheld in sd flag against
Isnt`t it obvious?
gl zP! all on you
as much as i like darky & potter, still a 4-0 win for idle [as usual]
as much as i like darky & potter, still a 4-0 win for idle [as usual]
hmm my bet on zP
in their first official battle at the pga qually zP knocked out idle
so imho they got the opportunity to drop idle from the top!
GL both
gl idle
look at that pot :o 2 million here we come !
I'm hoping for a 3 maps match
zeroPoint! Gaming 5.00 vs 1.25 Total pot: 1998928 €
Your bet: 44€ on zP!
Possible Win: 220 € (+176 €)

5.00 vs 1.25 Total pot: 2019706
Your bet: 100 on idle
Possible Win: 125 (+25)

Total pot: 2020012 €
irc channel, ts, ... with respect to your bets & Co. does not absolutely bothers any1!
Great match, looking forward to see it.
gl zP
go idle
Total pot: 2030427 €

Gl zP! :O
People are dreaming... zP! 4 : 2 idle!... but everyone is betting on idle fucking pussy's
zp fragwhores idle objwhores
zP ftw !
i hope idle will lose this 1 :)
allé 10€ on zP just for fun
zP! FTW!
Total Slots: 1731
damn greatest game ever and I can't watch :(
not that great, idle just ripped zP a second asshole on supply.
really rather boring - amenti vs NETR will be much more exciting.
2 for idle ; )
2:0 idle
4-0idle pwnage !
4:0 for idle PWNAGE!!!!
need pardo team beat idle
total slots:1565
viewer peak 1547
free slots 18
ownd ownd ownd omg omg omg ownd ownd ownd
only won 38 euros :s damn , wish had more money cause FTw , nice match
Total Slots: 1440
Viewer Peak: 1547