Chickens With Guns vs Vato (4044 views)

25.01.07 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 Ladder
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Mo00mi (Requestee)
Maps: Et_beach
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Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
us CwG ETTV Server
By: Mo00mi (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 47


imo CwG : P

imo me

Tooo easy for CwG, they gonna own and pown u soo much uve never been owned and powned before. CwG FTW pl0x they gonna get rampage and monster kill on ur mom after they won the match.

when that is said, GL and HF all :D
LOl! but easy for cwg:)
joking right
the way cwg go on about bashing teams (and then eventually losing) u would think that they could challenge idle. Btw all my money on u smokey even though ur low+ max!
he sux @ 3o3, just a reminder 4 u ^^
go CwG go
R0SS da assrider
vato ftw, give me more moneeey
i like you CwG <3
Omg VATO is a low- clan:D
WE beat them and they disconnected
maybe because the match is over after you beat the enemy?
the match was 2 weeks ago
LoL seriously retarded you are
i think everyone disconnects after a game........
but the match was not over lame
ah I see. Then its lame.
GL P3n! <3
Your bet: 800€ on CwG
Possible Win: 1000 € (+200 €)

Smokey, ik heb vertrouwen in je.
lol... vato imo! <3 my money on them!
lol very easy vod vatocato
Your bet: 61€ on
Possible Win: 172 € (+111 €)
gl smokey
goooo p3n!! :D
i won't bet on CwG bcoz they f..... up 2 last matches... lost 4:0 and tie 2:2
more money @ cwg pls than i earn a lot money cuz smokey is zeh owner:DD
nl Lineup...

nl teKoa
nl kris
nl perfo

... izi bash for Vato
Just to bad they are not on Vato`s Team on CB :)
As always: Go gurlz
gl vato
Vato is fuking noob clan
guys pls bet on cwg
i want more money 4 my self
niet zo stoer he
Jij moet je bek houden Smokey.
agree :)
kdota fu jew wat zit je nu ruig te doen kneusje
Wat zit jij arrogant te doen terwijl je team gewoon niet slecht kan zijn?
noob :<
CwG vs Vato Win expectancy: 39.0% so PLZ Bet on Vato :)
Chickens With Guns 1.68 vs 2.48 Vato Total pot: 10134 €
Your bet: 5€ on Possible Win: 12 € (+7 €)

waching vato cb..looks like noob team my money on cwg
believe me cwg drew against a nubber team...i would risk putting my money on cwg
atlest theyr not so retardted than veto seems to be
go cwg
gl p3n
ik eet kip als ontbijt
ja rielie
alles op CwG
Goodgame CwG 4:0.
Ha! GG Gurlz :D