Chickens With Guns vs Clan Military Forces (5305 views)

28.01.07 19:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 Ladder
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: afrojack (Requestee)
Maps: Supply

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
us CwG ETTV Server
By: Mo00mi (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 65


CwG imo. !!!!!
Go CMF !! :}

omg more more more ! LOW SKILORZ PLZ
cmf lineup?
how about shoutcasting in some good games ?
Your bet: 1120€ on CwG
Possible Win: 1736 € (+616 €)

FTW!!! xD
As Always. Go Gurlz!
GL 4 CwG
lol cwg always playing against bad opponents so they can say wow we are good :D:D:D:D how poor
Then i gues you shoud challange us and show us what skill is :) if you have any!!!
CMF rulezzzzz :) GO GO GO !! :)
CwG imo :p
more lowskilled & lame clans
more wnb highskillers?
Get a fancy flag!
more lowskilled & lame clans
banzai There is for you each clan on ettv is lowskilled. then stfu only you are uber high & you are not on ettv today:>
it took my 5 minutes to try and understand your well written engrish comment and 20 seconds to typ this comment, saying I can't see your point
rofl, I was about five minutes trying to see what he means, but then I saw ur comment and knew there woz nothing wrong with me
k, skillzor
more lowskilled & lame clans
More argentinies Fucktards & whiners
more nl skillzorz
n1 engrish
plz cwg, not every day ..
easy for CwG :D
lineup? but pliz.. why whine about it? 10 points to cwg who let other clans play on ettv. no only highskilled clans!
more cwg highskillors
CwG`s Lineup

N olte
gl CMF
bet on cwg plz.. :D
CMF on ETTV :o

GTV is getting worse and worse every day :/
cwg noobs
Omg get life and stop whinig at every team that you never heard of. They've got ETTV and they want to play on it. Is there somethin strange? Don't watch it if you don't want to. #omgiwouldalsoliketobeatettvsoiwhine join and idle :x
#omgiwouldalsoliketobeatettvsoiwhine for L plz
never heard of? get up-to-date plz... :S cwg = famous in a wrong way
CwG have nice members, kind members etc.
Or, most of them.

Of course there are exeptions.
Imo their leader is strange, he always blacklist me, and many other from
He also says many strange things.

But many of the members, like Eddie and nOlte are nice. :]
lol... CwG ?
lol.... more ETTV plz :D
Let's start playing scrims on ettv too
first: i feel sory for all that people who dont know what they say, if you dont want to watch there are many more fights to see, second: CWG and CMF are very good long term clans and i dont care about their skill, i'm gonna see this match with real pleasure, good luck both teams, peace
Well why should only high skilled clans play on ETTV?

and hi zodiac ^^
Hey Domi <3

How are you? =D
GO CMF GL & HF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my money on cwg
Omg Cmf. xD :D:D:D
reactor :O
gl cwg
but also to cmf
cmf+ reactor= pretty good
Where is this match?! In *CwG*ETTV Broadcast Server*
Broadcaster: Mummy was other match wtf?
LOL its replay :P match will come 19.00
tylko sie nie smiac z nas za bardzo :)
lowskill for the win :D
4-2 for CWG
yeah score ?