dwukropekha vs epicAimers (7894 views)

pl fanatic
pl SuchY
pl rumun
pl vL3
at Joseph Fritzl
ee Dean
ee Hing
ee marco
ee pederast
ee sCope
Second League

LB Round 4

pl dwukropekha win by forfeit, ee mini has been suspended for 12months.
22.08.10 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 - SummerCup 2010 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: fanatic (Requestee)
Maps: Karsiah_te2
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Total Pot: € 14567
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 34


scope & hing kings of the castle
gl wssquad

wheres wssquad ?? :)
where's hackers ?! I don't even s... oh nvm, there they are.
sw1ruz ska and wss ? where are they?
lol fanatic you also kicked the other two? :D:D
noo ;p we decided to stop playing after wss get banned. i'll only finish this SC with someone since the rest from PGC/:h lost their motivation to play :D
"motivation to play"
---> slac
BossHK Wednesday, 23rd June 2010 23:12
Hehe pgc quitting after this season? :pPpPp

Fanaticc Thursday, 24th June 2010 00:11

BossHK Thursday, 24th June 2010 00:17
Dunno, that funny idea just came into my mind =)) 8D :D :) ":D"


compare our lineups first, this when we played vs you and our latest lineup and you'll see how "stable" we were :{D
BossHK Wednesday, 23rd June 2010 23:12
Hehe pgc quitting after this season? :pPpPp
haha, sad story bro
gl epicA :)
o kurwa jaki lajnap :D kasa na estonczykow!
epica gonna get rolled
GL dwukropekha :D
eesti nerds
sw1ruz ska and wss ? where are they? hihi
Jak nie bedzie squadu to moge zagrac
to bys odpisal na ircu jak juz wchodzisz 8D
nø i chuj ci w dupe fintårdzie
wow Vanhaomena you are so cool and inteligent....

Vanhaomena DIE only FINtard .l.
our pracs going goodly, our win focho
if u wonna be funny... write the name right :DDDD
u stupid polish failer
shame on you epica :DDDD
pederast is one of typical guy from all aim no brain fanclub :D:D
great to watching ppl like him
gg wp
mini the junkie
You won € 59.62
pederast aka mini & marko aka what ? 100% hacking nerds.. without brain
i have NEVER seen a bigger, more obvious hacker in my entire life, than pederast. burn in cheater hell you white trash estonian nerd. you could have fed your entire gypsy village for a year with the money you spent on your hax you sad , sad little loser....
did you watch it? mate, its fucking hilarious its so bad. never, ever have i seen a more OFFICE little nerd not even try to hide his hax !
no i was watching baserace vs RAAB :/

(pederast = mini btw)
get the demo, youll piss your pants :> i bet he's magically lost it :>
u should check pederast & mark0 demos
so true;D was funny to watch and comment : D
i have never seen a balder man than you are
who, are you.
ur nightmare!
oh no! i hope the estonian mafia dont come get me!!!!!! brb, shitting my e-pants :<
are you wat, 35 or something?? time for real life yes :P
ok, i think youve missed the point fuckbrains. i posted that this kid was the most brutally rediculous hacker ive ever seen on ettv. you make it about my age? so, to recap, your arguement is? sorry, i missed it. oh, i get it! i have no life! shit, i better go kill myself now :<
oh look. mini banned. what a suprise. still backing him up?
xD nice one, agreed
kevlar u 55-year-old fuckface, stfu and go drink some tea
instep's mother loves the cock. unfortunately, the cock she loves is her 14 year old son (instep)
55 and still so childish.. so fuckn' sad omgomg
learn to reply you inbred mongoloid :D
You have € 1 on ee epica {
You won € 2.71

pederasta upload your demos and send to me
+ marko :) fajne momenty miewal tez xD
On Demand Watch this Match now.
every player must record demos on summer cup even when we're playing on ettv
so you better find him and ask for demos
let me guess..... hes offline? or his hdd has crashed and hes lost the demo?
well it's all on ETTV too so no worries
cant find him on irc
youll just watch him hack for 3 rounds..... you were cheated!
co sie stalo? :O
You have € 718 on :h
You Lost
nice wh :D troll
You have € 109 on ee epica {
You won € 295.39
gg mini you are the man!

poor polaks got trolled :(
dwukropekha win by forfeit, mini banned for 12months.
i fucking love you. :D it really was the saddest shit ive ever seen .....
well done, good sir.
get the fuck out you pubeless wonder :D its ok, you can go make up a new nick and rejoin some random estonian clan and be all cool AGAIN. youre lifes not over, dont kill youreself :<
this is funny because you clearly have more emotions towards this whole situation than me.
also shit with cheats ? :D id rape your face off anyday :)
but you cheat dear boy. youre so fucking retarded you played with hax on ettv after making up some random bullshit about how you couldnt use slac :) hahahahah. you care, you care cos you got caught, nerdoid.
i wouldve hid the wh if i actually cared about being busted, moran.
you failed at spelling MORON, hence you, are the MORON. now go edit your post.

also cant even be arsed pointing out all the mistakes you made.
oh dear lord. you justify your incredible stupidity by posting a crap picture. thanks for proving my point. enjoy your ban retardo. oh wait, thats right, youre too cool to care about it. you could always go make a thread on crossfire about it....oh wait.....
man youre dumb
actually, im pretty intelligent :> im definately not stupid enough to cheat at et .....
not intelligent enough to speak your own mothertongue without any major flaws
point out the major flaws in anything ive written here in the last two days. please. this was not about you making youreself look any more stupid than you already have, but by all means, if you'd also like an english lesson , im here to help you :)
arguement to just name a few
plus the bullshit i saw you write daily on crossfire
I don't get it,why ur so mad?
ur talking about "sad kid,retarded" blabla,is he really retarded because he hacked in game?
I have to say that you are the sad guy here,30+ and still talking like kid
and i have nothing against you..
i saw the way that tard spoke in the game last night, and so did you. THATS why im giving the little twat the same shit he gives out... by the way, didnt you know he was cheating?
"i saw the way that tard spoke in the game last night, and so did you."
and you judge us by talking ingame? having bit fun and talking with enemy makes us "tards",i'll try to understand
lol and by the same reasoning you call me a sad 30 something year old that has no life because of the way i talk online.... think before you type dude :D
oh my god,i called you just sad because you are 30 and ur talking like kid,nothing about "30 something year old that has no life",so ur having "fun" while whining on guy who got busted?

e: he got busted,he is banned so maybe just skip the shit and go on?
its guys like you and your "teammates" that fuck et up. the fact you dont see that is the sad thing :<
now you tell me,how i fuck up et?
ill explain this slowly for you, so hopefully you can understand. competetive et and sponsors of et , lost interest in the game due to the cheating element of the game. this resulted in top players leaving as there was no money in the game, and also no new maps being made, mods / anticheats etc etc etc. you say here and on crossfire that you dont care if you play with cheaters, as they are still your "friends". you perpetuate the cheat mentality by condoning it, by playing with cheating little nerds, hence, you personally ruin et , as does anyone else that does the same as you. i hope this isnt too much of a revelation for you, but im sure you wont quite grasp the point im making here and type some rubbish about me being "mad" or something else equally funny.
and i fuck up ET because i was part of the team and one of us was wallhacking
shit man,what should i do now? explain this slowly again please... and most players leave because they got bored of the game
"you perpetuate the cheat mentality by condoning it, by playing with cheating little nerds",so you think that im playing with cheaters all the time and i support them? i must say you are wrong,BUT you are right,i said i dont care if they cheat but that doesnt mean im playing with "hackers"(yes there was one offi,what can i do?),if they want to cheat go ahead,i cant stop them
gj:) fast reaction, thats why I'm loving it( CB) :D
haha :D we sooooo knew!
'my SLAC is blocking by AV" that made me smile too;D like it's big deal to put AV off and SLAC ON even beta
pls , who the fuck are you?
hi, im kevlar. i dont cheat. anything else youd like to know?
yes. why the fuck should you care about them cheating?
this is a fking free-for-all game and it shouldn't be taken seriously, but i see that ur dead serious about that game
hAkzz, so u think that cheating in ffa game is ok?
legendary game
still legendary
nahhui, kõik nahhui
teeme pela