Chickens With Guns vs FaMaS (7332 views)

11.02.07 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 Ladder
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: afrojack (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
us CwG ETTV Server
By: Mo00mi (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 25


CwG again lol
they play every soon they are so high skilled...lmao
famas ftw
Cool, i'm certainly gonna watch this game on today's CwG marathon

CwG wasn't on ETTV for so long, wb!
soon we're gonna have two parts of gtv - first will be normal matches, second CwG matches
More CwG TTTEEERRRRRROOORRR plz !!!!!!!!!!!
fucking low - guys
ban the noobs them plz !
famas ftw
cwg pls die!
gogo famas :)
BAN gtv.Otter
idle #jealousy and die 12yo fags
lol.. why ban cwg?

famas ask for ettv! LOL
dont accept ettv
who cares about CwG on ETTV aslong as they broadcast it theirselfs and btw youd on't have to watch it let the guys have fun on ETTV don't see the big point here
we have to watch their name on the broadcast list.
if you stay away from you wont have to look at em :o
you are talking to half of gtv community right now.
Someone here realy need to get a life, gl both teams

and : GL [flag=vi_s]Afrojack : o )
gl famas !
pls die cwg
easy for famas ... GL guys ... alex n00b :p
who cares if they have ETTV or not and they are broadcasted almost everyday..
if you don't like it, don't watch it..
and stop with the flaming, cause you only show others how much you suck.
we dont want to watch their name on the broadcast list.
lol neo alex l33t :p
cwg most famous clan ever... ;id=3368 mmmmmm
Gogo Famas =D
no u fcking newb we didnt start this attention wores someone else did. They started flaming they started the discussion. We didnt want any attention we just wanted to play on ETTV so pls..
If u don't want attention, whine or anything then just stop playing on ETTV.
But what do you do? Playing 5 times a week on ETTV and telling u don't want attention. No one wants you, go home fucking attention whores.
lol cwg started? wtf..

funny zodiac.. that s u who start this shit. flaming nd whining imo!

and to u raffish.. pliz give me proof that cwg play on ETTV 5 times at week.. u know that 1 week like 7 days?
so your point is you play ETTV too on the other 2 days?
Tbh CwG shows 2/3 matches a week on ETTV.. AND u know why.. CAUSE WE HAVE OUR OWN ETTV. And there is no rule on gtv that says we can't. So in fact we are just playing on ETTV for the one's who wanna watch CwG. Nothing else no attention wores.
stfu and let them play as much as they want
Agree. Finally one good comment! :D
nicely said buddy : o )
I think they won't. Why shouldn't they bet on a match to earn some money.. Better now kk thnx. Btw u should read the blog. All arguments are written there.
omg cheater!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck cheater.. ban him!
There are rumors that one TV channel wants to buy rights to Cwg matches and display it as a soap opera (one part every day), thats why they play so often. Understand them, they r making money!!! So stop that shitty whine and grow up. Cwg = pro ; rest = naabs :)
FAMAS will pwn i think.
hide all CwG matches plz...
and what about going with it the hard way?

why we need to: not bet, not discuss, not talk, not care.

there is easier way.

true, ban the whiners.
If you are mature enough you can take away the possibility to comment on cwg matches for yourself. But as it seems only the minority here on gtv is mature enough for that.
izi bashz0r for CwG
CwG only playin 2 times on ETTV tonight :(

C'mon u can schedule a 3rd match !!!
I miss a match at 20.00... please get a match!
omg.more whine noobs plz. noone ask you to watch that matches so stfu.
instead watch some playboy and play with your bold head whiners.
omg, u dont need to look this game tbh
Fama$ gooo l33t sharky pipi jack cu!cu! <3 all
More CwG plz!
Yey. Im so happy!
More CWG.. <33
cmon cwg!
go CwG!"!!
is it true cwg only shows low skilled opponents on ettv?
gogo CWG, all my money on you :D
gl CWG : ]
4-0 to cwg
CWG 4-0

Supply Time:8:48

Radar Time :2.34
good game !!!
Viewer Peak: 25
cwg is unstoppable.. just with same team who use same things.. thats all folks..