pingwins vs Team-Infrag (13073 views)

nl Lightning
nl bullvox
nl abort
de chaoz
ru zerender
ch GuNnEr
xx tba
01.03.07 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Crossfire PrizeFight Challenge 2 Qualifiers
Manager: h3ll (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te

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Total Slots: 5,500
Listener Peak: unknown

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pings tbh
easy for n1ce :<
lapa4ka <3
will be interesting match, but 4:2 for pingwins imo...
Your bet: 11532€ on pingwins
Possible Win: 14530 € (+2998 €)

easy money
i usually bet on you but i'd say it's too easy for pingwins with their lineup. gl both :)
god exist

but is against us
n1 capital stupid lieer...
gl juan!
pingwins imo
GO CHAOZZZ UR cfg rulz!
mama.... oma wish u luck
god doesnt exist. week up
gl retro
gl retro
easy for zerender
gogo abort my lover <3

En niet bullvox want jij /ignored mij :<
Gl Pingwins !
da wird chaoz wieder kassieren
Gl bullvox.. spam kills ftw
easy bash for retro
izi cash for retro :D
Gl Light, bull, z3r3nd3r, mama, petru, vegeta, lothar & nugget!
the comments box is full with loekino :I
Easy money imo
GL both
my money on retro :)
fickt sie !! money on retro
why is nuggan playing ? i mean i know he is in the clan, but his computer is broken atm :<
gtv just took this line-up from xfire but mitiu(?) or smtg or kanowne will play since they are added on xfire
gL abort and BULLvox
the 1 and only whiner are u so pls stop ur useless comments
lothar connections problem are back , punctually for the next match -.-
thanks libero !
and NuggaN isnt able to play he is still without pc
probably no match if i cant find a replacement for lowthar stay tuned -.-
LoL mamaloka go home plz >_<

Petruuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <333333333333333
Kanowne played also in rewind in EC / he isnt banned dont push him down.

He can play tonight :) gogo kanowne
last try :(
wegen dir funtzt meine mittlere maustaste nicht mehr
its gonna be played tomorrow only gods knows the score.
GL pingwins
Go bullvox ! <3
i love retro ! :D
LoTHaR & vegeta <3

retro ò//
lol bullvox lol
oh, hi bully, I need a shoutout, thnx.
GL czinfrag
easy for infrag "-)
infrag? hae
Go pingwins >DDDDDDDD
retro became infrag ?
gl infrag <3
WTF? o0
lol cancel bets if infrag plays for retro!!
when it isnt teh same linup!!
Hmmmm interesting...nechapu proc takovy machinace s matchema. kazdopadne GL infrag! <3 alex <3 nindrt
als je verliest jonge maak ikj af
gl bullvox
pingWINS! gogogo
go pingWINGS
gl both teams, gonna be gd match
Gl a HF .. "Infrag" GOGO
3 dutch 1 swiss, wondering how that is working.

gl pings
my tv serv is on the right match serv ! :D lame comment :(
just typing yes would have been more intelligent :P
ok nice that u changed clans saving the bets ! ind ive to lose 200k
Your bet: 15500€ on infrag Possible Win: 77500 € (+62000 €)

2:0 pingwins ....close 1
could you pls cancel it?
fucking lame gbooky :X
4:0 pingwins ...nice game
Close but no cigar!
nice & close. gg both
too bad =( was hoping for infrag. GG anyways, nice shoutcasting mashed.
gg 4:0 pingwins.
atleast infrag showed a good match
wp abort
i bet on retro not on infrag...
WTF, I didn't bet on infrag, I want my money back!
Lol, nice changing opponents after I placed my bet on retro -.-
Greatz change...
Lost my all money
GG infrag....pekne ste je potrapili
Wow! Wow! WOW MASHED! Big respect - i wanna be sometimes as good as you! :P and wp infrag
gg non cancel!
bets cancelled, guess this is the only right decision
thanks :)
my e-money !!1111
i disagree, u cancelled too late, should have cancelled when the teams changed.
I was well aware of the fact pingwins was playing vs infrag and now i haven't received my all so important e-money :<
why cancelled noobs?!
Your bet: 40€ on pingwins Bet was cancelled !!!!!! ???????

Why was bet cancelled when the game went ahead ???????
fuck you with cancelled!!!!" zomg
arni es wäre die richtig entscheidung gewesen es zu canceln in dem moment wo dort infrag und nich mehr retro stannt aber nich jetzt.....
created an adminnote about it
z.B ich habe nich auf das match retro vs pingwins gesetzt....ich habe erst gesetzt als ich gesehen habe das infrag spielt weil ich mir sicher war das pingwins gewinnen