inglorious barstards vs sQueeZe-Gaming (4769 views)

gb potty
pt rahzel
nl Ironic
nl adeto
nl l4mpje
gb miXer
de darth
de firsti
de hotshots
de milZ
de Pony
de s0uL
de tacocat
12.12.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW 5on5 - OpenCup Fall 2010 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Ironic (Requestee)
Maps: Karsiah_te2
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Total Pot: € 10061
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 4


wrong team, plz edit it to squeeze-gaming
this was the name on the clanbase page, cant change it anymore. Please give ur line-up
delete match and set with new team....should help
not orly ...... failor is fail
you failed in reading teamname and asking for gtv beg on knees for forgiveness and change this friggin "SQeeZe" shit
lol no, give lineup or gtfo : D Not my fault ur teamname is wrong on cb
Full name sQueeZe-Gaming

my copy&paste skills > your reading skills

there is a friggin "U" in it...

no LU and no match on gtv before you beg, delete this shit and add our right team

umad? YES!
ur the one who's mad here, im not going to fucking beg xD U add the game on gtv then, and ill delete this one :p
yes I'm mad.. and I won't do anything cuz u'll delete and request new match....otherwise no LU and no ettv
I just help you learning it
fuck off then, forfeit win for us :D
I lol'd forfeit cuz we don't play on ETTV ... fail more pls
what a retard.

be afraid be very afraid of the beast! because:


fkin retard
admin changed name

gl hf
tried to contact an admin since u said that the name was wrong, no1 replied to me...

thnx, u 2
gl ib
ironic saturday afternoon pracc 1on1's with me k? (":D")
hf photty & scharin
GL ib` <3
same time as EC Final, LOL.
gl adet, Ironic & Potty
gl suppertommetje, cheeze, Ironic

GL L4mpje en adeto!
gl ib
ez for ip potty kuti Janani
low readingskillz --> low ET-skillz --> easy for sqUeeze-gaming --> gl :)
pottttyyyyyyy Xd
izi 4 le ironic :{D
dignitas stealing your views :<
It's more like THEY stealing dignitas views!
ez rentboy
gl squeeze !
gl ib!
omg, nice stealing unforgiven's? clan!!! :P
gl ironica & garin
gl potty & rahzel mates
gl sqeeze
gl sQ
still that gay name xD
gl potty
potty gonna roll
gl l4mpje!
Good luck adeto & Ironic <3
pony regelt! gl sq :>
[20:41] <@M1R53> random lowskill match
[20:41] <@M1R53> who would watch that
[20:42] <@M1R53> ?!?!
[20:42] <@M1R53> TELL ME
[20:42] <@`ironic> not watch
[20:42] <@`ironic> just good luck me
[20:42] <@`ironic> i need it
[20:42] <@`ironic> i suck
[20:42] <@`ironic> :_(

gl! <3
gg wp : )
gg wp : )
ggs guys, Maybe a good farewell form me :<
You have € 10 on de squeeze
You lost

lol dumb bet do u rly think they had a chance against the unleash of the beasts?
i never thought they would made it, but im still disappointed, espacially by dart!!
no one as a chance not even that guy.. maus overrated shit

cmon grush was lil bit lucky ://
I am going to blame the fact that I had 10-30 fps and my setup was pretty fucked. Goldrush.... luck was involved but only on your side. I didnt get a chance to really aim with smg and mot of my kills had to come from nades/rnades because it was like a slide show ;D
more ego pls guys and more flame
4th division full of ego!

btw consider the fact that i only play et in the offis, same with ironic, potty was in his brother pc (20fps max), so we were playing with 2 decent guys while the 3 of us were playing like shit (at least me) + we have no taxs or praccs... so this victory is a gr8 success in the art of trolling serious business clans!

it was more close than karsiah indeed, at least more exciting.
You have € 32 on gb ib`
You won € 38.72