Chickens With Guns vs eXtreme Temperature (6061 views)

25.03.07 19:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
Manager: Frop (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Enemy Territory TV
us CwG ETTV Server
By: Mo00mi (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 42


lol gl xt
gl xt !
pls cwg zomfg die :), GL XT !!
plz stop whine baron, dont be jealous
yee stfu baron :-P
cwg will win , they always first analyse there opponents so that they will never lose
no shit sherlock!
let them analyse 4I, dignitas, TLR ?
i'd wanna see that.
cwg ftw :)
gl kluci
i dont mind you retards have always ettv, i just dont care but i dont know why do you ego masturbate with challenging enemies that are 3 skill levels under you...does it brings you orgasm to beat them or what?
xt o 3 tridy pod nima? vysekejte je XT :)
ja to nemyslel spatne proti XT ale je to tak no...
o tri triedy nizsie si aj ty imo :D
tebe sem se na nic neptal kriple imo
njn imo :D
gl xt
ja vim :) owned btw :D
imo cwg should play against digitanas to lose(or not?), btw they are on holidays?
cwg ftw!
POjdte kluci .. GL & HF ..."xt" .... ;)
hf ;O)
gl XT!! pockat to jsme my * oh fu*k *
GL xt... ;)
remove this cwg shit plz
Gl xt
easy for XT
all money on CWG
HF CwG aka "cheaters"
hodne stesti XT, imo to klidne muzete dat :) 5chechtaku na vas!
ET is dead
gl xt , drzime prst !
often low skill woo!
xt ftw
xt ftw
Your bet: 178€ on xt
again cwg...
cwg pwn them ofc!
gl, hf xt
gl cwg
GL CwG u will need it

XT will win because their skill is too high for on u
easy for CwG

CwG`s Lineup



B ackup :noOwner And nlLocos
Easy for XT...
xt fo sho! podle toho co sme hrali proti XT a i proti CWG tak bych rek ze si cwg moc neskrtnou
nice to se CwG 2 times today..... :O
XT dufam ze vyhrajete pac jsem si na vas vsadil vse ... XT povodi kuci verte mi dejte na ne... :)
someone told me that xt are better
XT's lineup

cz trupl!k
cz sec
cz godlike
cz sensitive
cz denton
cz neo.huh
lol CwG will win :{
interesting match, if XT is in good shape 4:2
nice delete skillz Mummy
What did he delete?
wtf ? score ? :<