red as a beetroot vs Rage-Gaming (2770 views)

fi lettu
fi clouver
fi walle
fi maza
fi Leikkuri
fi Iron
is phyzic
no Eirik
gb R0SS
be Lazio
hr suVi
hr frozz
16.01.11 19:00 CET
Awards awarded to for
Lady Macbeth zZz Eirik 60 kills
Killing Spree RAAB ALEKSANTERI 6 frags without being killed
Accountant zZz Eirik 176% kills/killed ratio
He's dead, Jim! zZz Lazio 16 gibs
...and stay dead! zZz FroZzeN 38% gibs/kill
Lead Poisoning zZz Eirik 20 SMG kills
Spammity spam spam! RAAB ALEKSANTERI 12 SPAM kills
Die! Damn you, Die! RAAB Aki[FIN] 253 damage per frag
What objective? zZz Eirik 137 XP
Red Shirt zZz FroZzeN 60 deaths
Are these pliers sharp? zZz suVi 12 deaths without fragging
Med Pack Whore zZz phyZiC 194 damage per death
Eyes Wide Shut zZz phyZiC 2 team kills
Gingerbread man zZz FroZzeN 6 /kills
Player Summary for the entire Match
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zZz Eirik176137603411013974763951600/02/120/92/316218843
zZz phyZiC11986443612120697070012980/02/115/132/415818934
zZz R0SS8175384710003714375172700/00/216/130/318816034
zZz Lazio8389435216012699253613200/08/20/177/216310335
zZz FroZzeN5769346013016619666663490/01/16/160/318211128
zZz suVi67733248800455308066900/00/29/161/4173168212
zZz 90529251277701518425784100614870/013/266/1612/417115336
RAAB MAZA871004754800475978201760/04/118/130/116215265
RAAB ^WMOONCHILD71102324512004721674223310/02/317/112/322616534
RAAB Aki[FIN]46882248600355798762830/00/610/101/125418324
RAAB WALLE8212249599112794862801990/00/219/134/416210554
RAAB LEIKKURI8711733388001691870702410/01/114/71/121018642
RAAB ALEKSANTERI940171701230000/02/03/912/30063
RAAB 7652920026143231735258377359300/09/081/920/316913244
Player Summary for sw_goldrush_te
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
zZz Eirik176137603411013974763951600/02/120/92/3KDKTKDKDKKDKDKKKKDKDKKKDDK/KDK/KXKDD/KKK
zZz phyZiC12286443612120697070012980/02/115/132/4KKDKXDKDKDKXKKDKDDDDKKKDDTDDTDKKXKDDKDKS
zZz R0SS8075384710003714375172700/00/216/130/3KDDDKDDKDDKKDKDDDDKKDKK/DDDKK/KDK/KDDK
zZz Lazio8289435216012699253613200/08/20/177/2DDDKKDKDKDKDDDDKKDD/DDKKKDKDDTKKDKDD/D
zZz FroZzeN5669346013016619666663490/01/16/160/3DKDDDDDD/DTDDDDKDDDD/K/D/DDKDK/KK/D
zZz suVi66733248800455308066900/00/29/161/4DDDDKDKDKKDKDDDDDDDDXDD/KKD/DDK/K/KD
zZz 97529251277701518425784100614870/013/966/8412/19
RAAB Aki[FIN]45882248600355798762830/00/610/101/1DKDKDDKDDKDDDK//KK/DDKKDKDDKDDD
RAAB LEIKKURI8611733388001691870702410/01/114/71/1KDKKDKDKKKKDKKKDKKD/KDKKDD
RAAB 7952920026143231735258377359300/09/1381/6320/13

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Player Chats
zZz R0SS [Warmup]: kamz is a paki
[12:35]: The Tank has been repaired!
[12:32]: Allied team has stolen the Tank!
[11:23]: Axis Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[11:06]: The Tank has been damaged!
[10:51]: Truck Barrier #1 has been constructed.
[10:34]: The Tank has been repaired!
[10:26]: The Tank has been damaged!
[9:35]: The Tank has been repaired!
[9:21]: Allied team has destroyed the Bank Doors!
[8:36]: Allied team has destroyed the Axis Command Post!
[8:33]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[8:07]: The Tank has been damaged!
[7:31]: Truck Barrier #1 has been destroyed.
[6:35]: Allied team is escaping with the Gold Crate!
zZz phyZiC [5:27]: :D
zZz R0SS [5:23]: :DDDDDD
[4:36]: RAAB ALEKSANTERI disconnected
[4:29]: Allied team escaped with the Gold Crate!
[Intermission]: >>> Objective reached at 10:30 (original: 15:00)
zZz R0SS [Intermission]: gg
RAAB LEIKKURI [Intermission]: gg
[Intermission]: RAAB Aki[FIN] disconnected
[Intermission]: RAAB LEIKKURI disconnected
[Intermission]: RAAB WALLE disconnected
[Intermission]: RAAB MOONCHILD disconnected
[Intermission]: zZz R0SS disconnected
zZz FroZzeN [Intermission]: 6666
zZz FroZzeN [Intermission]: >:|

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  • Players reconnecting with new ids
  • Too many random renames between rounds

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