zeroPoint! Gaming vs Impact Gaming (15946 views)

at darky
at potter
de butchji
de keran
se Fette
ch gifty
fi Xpaz
fi mystic
fi Raveneye
fi Tiigeri
nl teKoa
nl m1lk
ET Masters WB Elimination Round 2
CB6 config with NO MINES allowed on battery, using mines will result in map lost for offending team
02.04.07 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET Masters
Manager: eVo (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Supply
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de HeadShot Radio Shoutcast
By: Sensible
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Language: Polish
us Radio iTG
By: TosspoT
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Language: English

Total Slots: 1,000
Listener Peak: unknown

Enemy Territory TV
By: masta- (ettvd)
de !#dvc-clan ETTV1
By: MadMetzi (ettvd)
de #own-Zone by derMuench
By: Hansi (ettvd)
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By: X-tra (ettvd)
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By: skooli (ettvd)

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By: eVo (ettvd)
pl #ISKO.ETTV #2
By: GTVd
us #Pr3dS.Gaming ETTV 1
By: Phoenigore (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 1,112


butchji vs mystic :O
imo Impact

Your bet: 545€ on zP! Possible Win: 3,444.40 € (+2,899.40 €)

<3 Butchji, he´s just imba!!!
mystic more imba, probot lite ime :/
cmon Impact <3
big game, good luck tiigeri & impact
impact go
Nice match :o
big match
zP will take this imo.
Gl Gifty

More slot's ?
This will be a good match to see, both teams have struggled with teamwork last months and on the other end i've seen them play very well aswell.. very close match imo
intresting, not true tho :<
well that's what i have been seeing, as i said it's in my opinion :p
its for zP! ;)

but all bet with impact plzz :D
omgoat mystic will pwn, mztik should play
...And screw up like last time?
Impact will win, but my money on zP..
Your bet: 20€ on zP!
Possible Win: 2,000.00 € (+1,980.00 €)
o_0 when i looked one hour ago it was like 1.5 for impact, 2.3 for zP.l
GoGo Gifty!!!
impact are masters! but zeroPoint! imo =)
eeeek! battle of the giants! impact will take it, though.
gl zP :)
Your bet: 71€ on zP!
Possible Win: 2,347.26 € (+2,276.26 €)
go mystic go!!!

we love you mystic!!!
butchji vs. mystic
gifty vs. Raveneye

Gl both
gl xpaz & keran + .gif
gifty will win. he is a winner.
Looking forward to some 1v1's between de butchji and fi mystic.

Also hoping to see some nice multi kills by de keran and se FeTTe. :p

Good luck and have fun both!
kun kaveri lätkii faktat pöytään niin talo hiljenee
zp fo sho
close1 imho!
n1 match
Butchji >Mystic
replicator>old mystic>butchji>new mystic
omg omg
very nice match
Your bet: 30€ on zP!
Possible Win: 287.70 € (+257.70 €)
Nice game... GL zP! & Impact
where is Hatred?
with him it could be rly close
hatred got replaced by FeTTe
impact will take this one
GL Impact! ;)
As always a rich man is playing with odds...
GL zP!

Your bet: 5€ on zP!
Possible Win: 40.80 € (+35.80 €)
this will be a very tense game :E

Close one tho
gl impact, putting my money on zP since the odds are so high (and its only playmoney)
you are like too retarded
n1 match and a close one
Your bet: 56€ on zP! Possible Win: 473.76 € (+417.76 €)
cmon impact :XD mystic vs butchji o_0 imo impact GL & HF
i don't have money!! :<
Your bet: 140€ on zP!
Possible Win: 1,122.80 € (+982.80 €)
cmon IMPACT!!!!!!!! you're the best :*
omg, my wet dream!!!
tbh i think that Butchji or mystic could decide this match!
but GL to both teams dont know wich one i should bet on :U
imo impact, tho i put my money on zp
impact 4 sure
zP! ofc
go go Impact
gl Tekky :]
Your bet: 5€ on zP! Possible Win: 31.45 € (+26.45 €)
Impact will get this for sure, but gl Butchji :*
gl butcher
impact can never beat zp =)
Oh yes they can believe me:D Let's say that in the near future there will be a lot of surprises especially for (dignitas)
zP ofc!
where is hatred and rapture? omg!!
impact imo

impact is going to rape zeropoint
gl both, impact win my muneeeeeeeehs.
Tek vs Buch Always Fun :D
Possible Win: 86.68 € (+75.68 €) eazy,
easy for impact...
which ETTV runs SIMULTANEOUS with Tosspot ?

wanna hear him scream like a puzzy
most likely none.
Impact ftw
gogogogo Gifty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
impact ofc, but my bet on zP! go go gifty :*
zp....easy money:)
4-0 Impact
gg Impact
nice game
hahahhaha :D
zP got bashed rly :o
too much pressure for an 8 year old ^^

gg zP, thx again :o

Your bet: 10000€ on zP! Possible Win: 44,700.00 € (+34,700.00 €)
great game
sCore ?
fucking nice game by impact : >
what the fuck is wrong with zP ???
4-0 impact
both had a gg. Altho gifty did some strange things at certain moments imo:(
WATTA GAME!!! wp, rly nice
fucking good attack @ sd2
worst game evR
really nice game :)
sehr toll gifty, danke..! -.-
ich wollte erst 5000 auf zP! wetten, habs dann aber doch komplett gelassen :D
i won a bet, lol
This match made me first on GBooky Rankings.
Thx Impact. <3
thx mystic
The fact that zP USED to be d.'s biggest rival was just a lack of competition imo ... cpc2 will be interested!
or maybe its because we have 2 new players in our startlineup since just about 6 weeks... who knows
i think everyone assumes you can make big roster changes without it affecting the team. Question is will you be back to full potential by the time cpc2 gets here? I hope so ;)
not rly
did i mention "zero" anywhere so that you are replying?
they just r begining to play good ^^ hope they ill give , at least,a good show against d. ( if they still playing :o )

btw very nice game by m1lk :p
darky xDDD
Great game! tnx