Iceland vs Italy (10739 views)

is phyZiC
is freaK_-
is juiCy
is eMiz
it Stevji
it XyLoS
it mama
it EliHbk
it OpinelZ
it vegeta

CB NationsCup XIV - Wild Card Match From First Matchweek
10.02.11 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XIV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: rNz (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 46881
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 120


GL sAs powner
I really doubt sAs will play any match hes never online..
tell me about it >:

but when he comes on, let him play, he's at his best when he didn't play for a long time
Its not like i have alot of players to choose from
u can leave me from the lineup. i'm a cheater...:D:D:DD!
gl iceland & vjto,mama
go go go! <3 italy
where is it Jolly?
is phyzic vs. it XyLoS
wheres Sponge?
gl stevji
balanced game, gl Stevji
hf vjto =)
mama <3 Xylos <3
where is it dAnOnE ?
cheating in some other game
gl phyzic :)
gl ita
gl iceland babes + vjto
gl ******************
Goodluck VJTO Iceland <33333
hvenær verður þetta?
No fifity no Win.
You have € 2500 on ITA
Possible win: € 3975
izi money
You have € 2300 on ICE
Possible win: € 4186

izier money
gl vjto,xylos & icelandic players
tba? ég get spilað you fags..
reyndum að ná á þér, en flott þú spilar þá :)
ahha kk vissi það ekki
buona fortuna Italia:)
You have € 35 on ITA
Possible win: € 78.05

Go make me proud <3
Forza eXtreMe SolDierS ;D Se perdiamo questa è meglio che ci ritiriamo
where is it maverick?... and it lor?
gl phyZiC unhit guy :<
quotes better for iceland xDDDDDDD
Im letzten NC waren sie recht gut dabei, von daher überraschen die Quoten nicht wirklich... : p
hahahaha .. :-D
Siehe phyzics Kommentar ;O)
Bist du der Meinung, dass der meinige Schwachsinn war: Vergleiche die letztjährigen Ergebnisse
sAs <3
stevji <3
gl italy!!!
ma vegeta non aveva smesso?
missing itHarmony
gl iceland
quotes better for iceland xDDDDDDD
sAs will rape faces
for some reason my money are on Italy
Ye i dont understand why the odds are like this, we havent played together since last NC, eMiz has not played for over a year and sAs hardly never plays.

but hey! GL and HF to both teams!
Gl phyzic and Xylos :).
Where fifty? ^^^^^^^^^^^^
gl vjto if you play :p
too low to play, maybe hacking too
wanna see 13k dmg phyzic!
freaK_ GL :)
sas you cunt. let the team down :<
that was interesting
You have € 2500 on ITA
You won € 5850

izi as expected
one man cant deliver
xylos put up a fragmovie on frost, anyway gg both :D
xylossssssssssss 4 man @frost radio
omg xylos omg
You have € 100 on ITA
You won € 234
no monty no win !
are u kidding?

You have € 246 on ICE
You lost
You have € 326 on ITA
You won € 762.84
thx XyLoS :)
You have € 75 on is ICE
You lost

are u kidding me?
nice stevji and italy :)
You have € 80 on ITA
You won € 187.2

thx italy
You have € 500 on it ITA
You won € 1170

guys that put money on us have to take into consideration ,
A we havent played a single prac with full icelandic lineup since last NC
B juicy and eMiz have been inactive for more then a year. (juicy has prolly been inactive for 2 years)
C sAs didnt show up
D playing with lineup like that vs a team that has been praccing "hard" (know they have been praccing ) is boring and the atmosphere on vent was very bad (because we had no tactics and havent played a single prac)
dont be mad, you loose => . ^^
say that before match next time :PppPp
dont excuse yourself
these are not excuses these are facts, and i never expected to win this match
and bot didnt work as u wanted to
and bot didnt work as u wanted to
i heard u guys loling much on vent , atmosphere wasnt that bad :P but ye not enuf announces :(
well, ur a fag
You have € 1000 on ITA
You won € 2340
shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame :D
omg pls :/
Total Capital 0.16 €

You have € 246 on ICE
You lost
Total Capital 10.77 €

You have € 300 on ICE
You lost

phyzic , im disappoint.
he mad !
toi qui est si fan de lui
de antho ? c'est un peu mon teammate depuis bientot 2 ans donc oui j'suis fan de lui :{D
de phyzic
ah je savais pas, merci de m'éclairer sur mes affinités avec certaines personnes.