ultimate Conspiracy vs overrated-us (3647 views)

se jonas
se NuggaN
se tornis
se kiitos
se nils
se nordaN
us bliss
us matt
us vader
ca anim
ca vege
us rebel
08.04.07 17:45 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: #1day-cup
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: ng (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te

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uC. gl noordis.
ping will own them tbh
gl overrated nice guys , but laggers:PP
easy money
first!! go go unknown 1
Gl overrated
matt, bliss <3 izi bash.
Your bet: 50€ on uC Possible Win: 60.00 € (+10.00 €)
more swedish pwners pls :x
no slotZ
2-0 rated
2-2 now
LoL pretty nice stuff of rated
:A :B :C :D :E :F :G :H :I
4-2 rated
ololol uC
Your bet: 33€ on uC Lost
Your bet: 6000€ on uC Lost
fuk uc
gg wp !
iZ money
wtf you bastards. It was 1 to 43 ratio and now its 1 to 5? I would've won so much more.
ololo... seems jonas and nuggan have aimbots aiming at models, not hitboxes! ololo
no they are aimed at the hitboxes, but the hitboxes didnt exist
Hitboxes just weren't on models due to difference of urz and americans' pings so they aimed at heads, but head hitboxes weren't there:)
isnt that how aimbots are detected? aimbot aim at hitboxes not figures, maybe they have reversed aimbots !
"we will win ec"
don't tease now online-only Squallii! :D
"you will win some LAN"
yea idd you can better stfu online only
Mr.Online only !!
wp anim! stfu teente.
omg bez do prdele frozene... :D