inteRaction vs versatile.ET (7157 views)

cz denton
cz Green_Clon
cz jalo
cz derek
cz milhAus
be Kevin
pl Czarek
fr StrAf
gb demented
pl Cursed
If verSatile win 4-0, They will finish 1st in Division 1.
If they lose 4-2, They will qualify.

Will be a tight game!

Star Player reAlize is absent due to no working computer.
Team Noob Cursed is at "GF's" Birthday - FAKE LIFE
10.03.11 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Easy Company Cup VI 5v5 » Matchlink
Hosting: Easy Company Cup
Manager: reAliZe_ (Requestee)
Maps: Frostbite
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Total Pot: € 69481
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 58


u better win this
hey man, we'll do it.. for YOU!
gl hitting denton :<
GL jalo
should be easy for versatile.
gl kevin
gl iR
gl iR
gl demented :>
gl boys, will be back soon!!!
versatile EC worthy atm!
this is so shit :D just DISQUALIFY US
gl milhAus, jalo, green_clon, olbaaa :)
Green_clon i trust on you.
gl demented :D
well... hf iR :D
realize = new emortal
versatile very stable lineup, reminds me of ;D
Fuzion was stable untill Sinnu's PC broke ":D" and Jalo left for e-Wave

Same situation for me, But my motherboard and processor come friday. Cursed has GF's bday party thursday, so two of our backups will play. Seems stable to me.
u have different lineup in 3 gtv matches + this, seems stable to me.
You have 6 backups?
we are not backups, no need to lie about it m8 >,<
bardzo stabilny skill, bez haxa cie pocisne :XD!
:XD! cant see the funniez
but i see :). U're the highest ego in ur team, but lowest skill :(.
Wyzywales nawet chlopakow z b2k gdzie miales 1/8 staty :{D
to co piszesz tyle mnie interesuje co zeszloroczny snieg akurat wiec oszczedz klawiature
tobie raczej Twoich tekstow (ZALOSNYCH)
fanatic powns ur "argument" makes no sense
backups twice as skilled as lineup players :Pp
Will be a tight game! xD
Jalo vs Olbaa
olbaa vs ir
comparing jalo to olba is like comparing thomas hanke to lionel messi
rape them jalo
gl Green_Clon
Who is demented? I seem to know the other guys in versatile lineup?
demented just a low bob xD <3 u demented
Check his profile on CF :Pp
we also played with demented once ..dont forget everything :p
Im not a genuinly smart person :)
GL WRC strAf
gl czech kamarádi
no revee no win
Gl demented :D Fix your SLAC problem by the way ;)
man why the fuck you just tell us what happens to versatile if smthgs happens, ego idiot^^
Okay first of all,

Revee quits on us meaning we need to find a new 5th, Flopjeh also leaves meaning we need a new 4th

so we take kevin and straf

I have a job interview on the day of one of our offis so they take a merc
realize PC brakes
we take olbaa as a high skilled merc for 2 games
kevin leaves but agrees to finish playing our offis
cursed goes back out with his exgf, so can't play today, so we take lightning as our rifle merc

I personally don't believe we should be allowed to play, considering we have had a different line-up every time.. but after tomorrow our lineup will be stable again.
that wasnt my point^^

Where is the ego? Please, do explain master of the English language.
its funny coz fährt and fart sound the same
he means that realize is talking about their team and that no matter what you're trough - "If verSatile win 4-0, They will finish 1st in Division 1.
If they lose 4-2, They will qualify." and calling himself "Star player"

and your lineup will never be stable, he has said that 1000 of times and yet you never actually played with the main lineup.

pretty funny that realize says that olbaa and lightning are your backups, but they're only mercs -> that guy got some serious problems with his ego and making his team look so skilled, while he's shit
Firstly, its a bit of sarcasm, but you ill-educated fucktards don't really understand it. olBaa technically is a backup since he has played like 3 games. And btw, we have played with the LU about 2/3 times now. Lightning, yes he is a merc, but I listed him as a BU since it looks retarded if you mention he is a merc.

Serious problems with ego? Its called sarcasm. Now I'm going stop replying to low nerds I don't know, peace x

"If verSatile win 4-0......" Where is the ego in that? Thats mearly information regarding the finishing games of the cup, once again, your retardness and lack of understanding has proved otherwise. Le fool.
ill-educated fucktard? big words from a kid, and olbaa even said that he's not a backup, so shut up please

"low nerds you don't know" - and yet again you're showing your ego, and it seems like you're the nerd here, taking the internet THAT serious.

btw isn't your computer broken?

From a kid? :D ghahaha, olBaa is a troll mater.

No, I showed my ego this once, the previous comments have absolutely no connection to ego, but your too dumb and retarded to interpret that. Taking the internet serious? I find the internet to be a laughing stock, were my arrogance can also be exploited. The day i take the internet serious, is the day dirty filthy muslims take over the world.

And yes, It is broken. Looks like i cant nerd anymore <sadpandaface:L>
I guess you must be blind, but whatever.

Looks like "dirty filthy" muslims already took over the world, at least it seems like you're taking the internet serious. Are you a racist too?

You're actually nerding right now, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Yes im taking the internet seriously! good spot sherlock!

And maybe, maybe not.

Yes, this is nerding. If this is nerding, you must also be nerding! nerd
Thank you for your concern, but it is not needed.
gl dem & kevin
nice to see light back GL
np for iR, gl vihreemon. :), but for sure will be a tight one.
GL Czarek !
wpierdol interaction
You have € 500 on iR
Possible win: € 1150

gl iR
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahr lineup changed ;S
wp ultra bashed. green clon horrible warping btw
wtf now my money is gone -.- with this shit lu
You have € 30 on cz iR
Possible win: € 61.8

easy money
"Will be a tight game!"

Very tight game.
wtf lineup change want my fuckin money back fucktards
i agree. only fair
care? happens all the time
exactly , its a shit system when it happens, so you will always see ppl complaining when admins dont do anything to solve stuff :
i had all my money, 400€ on verS and i never reached the 300€-mark so im fuckin mad bro
score ?
4-0 iR
You have € 913 on cz iR
You won € 1880.78

You have € 2374 on iR
You won € 4890.44

easy >=D
You have € 76 on verS/.
You lost
You have € 25 on iR
You won € 51.5

Easy moneys..
You have € 2500 on cz iR
You won € 5150
You have € 299 on verS/.
You lost


gg anyway
You have € 900 on gb verS/.
You lost

I'm mad !
You have € 30 on cz iR
You won € 61.8
FU changing LU when the money is on!
nice win!
congrats iR! :))
You have € 1000 on gb verS/.
You lost
nice line up, jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.
You have € 99 on cz iR
You won € 203.94
You have € 100 on gb verS/.
You lost

wahlalalalalaaaaaaaallala FAIL!