Zerobarrier vs Team Dignitas (14901 views)

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be zeto
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be snot
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ee Night
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si JaKaZc
22.04.07 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XV
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: NightRaver (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Slots: 6,000
Listener Peak: unknown

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easy bash for .0.
with night 4:0 dignitas
without 4:2 dignitas
Is night playing?
hmm, with or without night?
I guess with Night, cause he didn't only make it to CPC2 :p
but he couldnt have practised much with the team yet, so dunno, maybe sol...
He's practiced with them for over a year, I think that's good enough.
Lineups? ik wil die van .0. wete ^^ dan kan ik bet plaatsen.

be mesq
be lio
be zeto
be ziff
nl Overboost
nl BuLL
playing, dumasshole
isn't zerobarrier now one.soldier?
fuck that with or without shit! (by a U2 record then...)

lose or win!

fuckin excuses
completely agree
Dignitas never used this "excuse". And this Night things is so fucking overrated.
Dignitas 5on5 without Night loss vs zP :(
Dignitas 6on6 with Night 3x 4:0 geownt vs zP :)
And look, 5o5 is dead, wonder why?
So you think it's a coincidence that they only lose without him?
Look this game and u will see that...
the best player on ET is overrated? :?
ubik! :]
and night = <3, a team ain't the same without a good coordinator, and night is a PWNAGE coordinator
he isnt the best player >.<
pls sixtus
depends at what, you can't say he's the best fops / rifler / smg aimer etc etc
overall best player?
i dont mean that d. uses this excuses, the fanbois always cry that d. lost cuz night didnt play
cuz d. only lost when Night didn't play
yes we use this excuse because they only lost when he didnt play, sherlock
didnt say it to you, you would see it if not that fucking gtv comments-replys system
it's just all about his performance, just cuz he's there it gives a greater impact... it's like winghaven@tlr they can't play without him as well...
gl zerobarrier!
good luck zb
zeroBarrier => nl xDDD
ovrboost & milk oO
ET got owned by Night!
but, the point is, dignitas with night was at least 2 years practicly unbeatable, they were together very long in same lineup, but on cpc2 dignitas lost, twice. I think its not coincidence.
its not about having same lineup. look, they changed many players during that year: holz left, tekoa, ferus too, other i dont remember. but all the time there was Night and two germans in lineup and idle was still unbeatable.
Night is braner!
Dignitas isn't very hard enemy without Night or yes?
We will see it
fool dingitas without Night is high, with Night unbeatable
No one is unbeatable.
easy for dignitas if they play with night..;)
clanname changes every 2 weeks ... <3
gl zerobarrier but think win for dignitas :/
nl BuLL
be lio
be mesq
nl overboost
be zeto
be ziff
si JaKaZc
ee Night
ee r3vers
de senji
de urtier
Izi bash for dignitaz
izi 4 overboost
zerobarrier --> one.soldier
Your bet: 1000000€ on dignitas
Possible Win: 1,010,000.00 € (+10,000.00 €)
omg u r rich... not fair that you can make 10, 000 with betting on a 1.01 odds bet...!
Go, go, go Team-Dignitas..! ;))
4 - 0 dignitas imo
Your bet: 10€ on .0.|
Possible Win: 1,000.00 € (+990.00 €)

Als zerobarrier wint, kak ik in mijn broek en eet ik het op
hou ik je aan ;) ik wil een filmpje
begin al maar te kakke.
the ones who are talking about night being overrated etc are real nobodies, I wonder what real pro players think about night and dign with and without him.
probably the same as fanbois.
cmon, even without night, d. will be rolling on .0. like some van on carpet
too eazy for dignitas ...
Your bet: 10€ on dignitas Possible Win: 10.10 € (+0.10 €) :D
i hope zb will win , but i'm sure dignitas will take the win
ez for dick night ass
Your bet: 100€ on .0.|
Possible Win: 10,000.00 € (+9,900.00 €) MESQI ftw >o
gl mesq i love you<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Boost > d.
go digimons
Your bet: 13€ on .0.|
Possible Win: 1,300.00 € (+1,287.00 €)
Go dignitas! Possible Win: 7.07 € (+0.07 €)
one. LaN onLy :(

gL anywAy
Your bet: 10000€ on .0.|
Possible Win: 1,000,000.00 € (+990,000.00 €)

^^ go go, show them how it's done :>
wtf there is no ettv 4 this match? up
Slots :(
Why someone added servers which doesn't show this match he?
fuck that ETTV servers my ass
So no score?
= not working pfff kut gamestv
no there 5 servers online..
4-0 d

And the dignitas ettv admin is a nuuub xD
shit, lost my money
omg i won £0.59