The Last Resort vs Next Evolution ESC (11402 views)

gb R0SS
be mAus
it XyLoS
nl Jay
fi Matias
pl Frag Stealer
pl numeric
ch gifty
de sNoOp
be chry
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Alienware Cup #4
Manager: Robert (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 46620
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gl Anivia
gl both :)
gl snoop
omg omg omg
gl guys, my broke ass will do:
You have € 2 on gb NEVO
Possible win: € 26.88
GL gifty *.* <3
ettv laggs
gl gifty *.*
omg mAus omg
11k dmg maus np
Good Game.
gg wp. nevo held their own but got absolutely destroyed on bremen.

well done tlr
ross owning as usual

I didnt aim that bad, just stats were misleading ! :P
Who's that?
mAus = one man army
GG all
some peeps got over 10k damage sometimes ... but stil not many :)
maus / bremen / axis .. one minute before the end ..frag to gifty..
I like maus but this was really crazy..looks like aimbot :D And after kill, how quickly targeting to the left ...for what? At spawn was only one enemy ..
Maybe Slac failed
I apologize for the accusations, but I would be interested in your opinion.. dont know what to think :(

he is better offline than online, so ur accusation is wrong :)
he sucks
who cant quickly targeting from one target to another?
You do not understand ... Reflex? Maybe ...why only one shot ..? He knew that the spawn is only one enemy .. and he killed him .. so why he is targeting to the left after that crazy kill ? There was no one..

My opinion?
He wanted targeting to the left .. but his aimbot ( Sorry for that ) interrupted his aim ( maybe bad click :D )
And after that action ( targeting to left ) you can see how he is SURPRISED !! As if he do not know what happened :DD
He must said “ I hope nobody see this shit “

Maybe if it made some noname player .. you said : Hacker !
Maus do it .. and it's skill, reflex or something like that..

Please, do not attack me .. Iam a big fan of mAus .. But this was a “ little bit “ unreal :DD
You can try it .. and you will have many attempts .. not just one, like mAus :D
I say ..nobody can do that : fast aim to right shot - headshot - kill - and faster aim to the left only for fun :D

If mAus is really clear, I can say ..GOD OF ET :D

P.S. No comment for mAus playing..just this one action ..who have not seen it, can not comment ..
saw him at his first lan doing amazing snaps and almost unhuman relex headshots aswell with complete mousecontroll! so i am pretty sure he is clean! (if u can do it without why use smth?)
1. ettv lagged, you can watch the replay again and it won't be as fast as you saw live
2. it's not even that impressive and 1hs shot can easily be done
you're not watching a low+ war here..
everyone knows mAus is clean