turbot vs back 2 kill (6788 views)

fi Swanidius
fi crittie
fi OldenSan
fi Juuti
fi HardyRah
pl l4z
pl Abject
pl w1lko
pl mag
pl WuT
Premier League Group C

Winner will proceed to the playoffs
28.04.11 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW 5on5 OpenCup Spring 2011 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: vokki (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 22894
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 38


hf wut
izi for b2k
izi plWuT, w1lko, mag ;D
gl WuT, w1lko, l4z :-*
buahhahaha fin izi :D:D:D
mag aka magister aka hax .

gl w1lko
izi for b2k
gl l4z & w1lko
gl l4z,b2k
hf in playoffs w1lko!
gl WuT :D
if you win OC prem do you get an automatic slot in the next EC? if not, why not!
qualifier these days I think
a slot could potentially prevent the mass formation of clans before the EC season that disband and leave OC prem barren when they don't qualify :/
think the only teams in OC premier that would be interested in this are the rather unknown ones that have just reached premier. Most Qualifier failure teams have some "known" names in them and would probably form a new mix next season and still receive that qualifier

e; plus giving those teams a slot would mean they'd have a direct invite but which seed should they be placed in? winning OC premier shouldn't go in the same seeding scale as the real direct invites, so do you give them lowest seed or how would you determine this?
i guess, it'd just be nice to lower the 'turnover' of teams and see the results of stability

e: myeah i guess, giving them the lowest seed would be a really shitty deal
stop using that stupid quali system ala Homer, problem solved
gl WuT
Have fun WuT :)
GL pl !
gl wilko i wut ;) !
gl wut and my lover wilko <3 :D
Hf laz

But my money on the forever oc 8)
very well done b2k :P
dzieki za hajs :)
dzieki za hajs :)
WuT kurwa Tj beast :)
You have € 250 on pl b2k
You won € 590
since when does clanbase ref's join in middle of game and start spamming console + votespamming... i could understand if he talks after map or round ends but its not nice to start crying in middle of game.. =X
u mad bro? POLAKS > FINTARDS
dude...... u are fucking awful referee just like whole CB. you dont have any rights to insult us.

We gonna demand forfeit. Polish referee insta abuse.
ye ye :DDDDD
hey hey don't put all .pl refs in one box!
not in one box but in one :

How did u get the administrator rights in cb? :-D That's one cool comment coming from admin.
hahahaa if you are ref then i totally agree with tA :D:D
luckily they didnt accept you as ref xD
sad that clanbase obviously got no requirements to become an admin
who was it?
now why the fuck didnt you just press f1 to ref him and play instead of insulting him?
i was trying to concentrate to game.. also i didnt insult him imo =P
swani and some1 else did, cant see how pressing 1 fucking button would deconcentrate you
you guys were the reason that the whole problem started and now would like to get a forfeit win? pathetic
We didnt want him as admin
i dont know the rules but i'd guess you dont have rights to choose what admin you want to ref your match.
Clans may refuse a Referee for the following reasons:

The clan of the Referee is playing in the same group.
The Referee's clan is a likely playoff candidate.
The Referee has the same nationality as the majority of players in the other clan.
The Referee is a known friend of the other clan.

If a clan wishes to refuse a Referee they must announce this as soon as the Referee is known. Once the match procedures (server testing, etc.) have started, a Referee can no longer be refused.

thats why he cant join during the game
spoko tak jak mowie zasad nie znam wiec tylko gdybam ale jak widze ze oni by chcieli forfeita za to (czym mi sie zreszta swani chwalil wczoraj) to troche zal mnie ogarnia :)
z refem czy bez i tak by nie wygrali z tak dysponowanym b2k xD
i dont want forfeit lol? i just didnt care to read what ppl were spamming in chat + voting some shit.. was trying to play..
"We gonna demand forfeit. Polish referee insta abuse."
syriusz daj spokoj, te fintardy wszystkie maja najebane we lbie =)
tbh he cant join the server during the game as long as hes not a supervisior
and trust me, i would like to remove 50% of those "refs" but i cant ;p
tell someone bigger to remove them then

its a fucking joke if even CB admins cant follow rules
Eiköhän Swanin oo aika palata pysyvästi sinne mutadivareihin
eikö se oo jo selvää et swani ei luovuta
o kurcze to mnie zaskoczyliscie :P myslalem ze turboty was zdjedzia ;))) GG- swani forever OC :D !
haha :D
Are these pliers sharp? team-tA[Swanidius] 26 deaths without fragging