ultimate Conspiracy vs Team Dignitas (11250 views)

se jonas
se kiitos
se Nils
se nordaN
se NuggaN
se tornis
si JaKaZc
ee r3vers
ie sol
ee Night
de senji
de urtier
ClanBase EuroCup Group Match
26.04.07 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XV
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: NightRaver (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Braundorf_b4
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Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
cz eeriness ETTV
By: Smejky (ettvd)
de ETTV.fr, Hub/Recorder 1 (30 slave slots)
By: skooli (ettvd)

de skylla-slo.com ETTV
By: samocerne (ettvd)

gb [#Impact.Gaming] TV Server
By: eVo (ettvd)


Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 320


gl anyway :|
ha det god
go uC
lol dignitas ftw:D
Cmon Idle 100 buks on you
nordish POWAH!!!... gonna be rolled over from one side to the other and back again :)
bet for us, we will win
omg stfu man... keep odds! i want more money!
DIGNITAS!!!!!!!will get pawned 0o

i lold

Your bet: 25€ on uC
Possible Win: 2,500.00 € (+2,475.00 €)
np my swedish mates gonna boost them up :o
izi for uC
make me rich swedes!
izi for dignitas :)
ultimate Conspiracy 3.88 vs 1.35 team-dignitas
yoooo night playing , now easy 4 dignitas :)
gl nordan and reload.
no gl to me :<
oops sry oO , gl tornis <3
Lycka till grabbar! Va tjuriga så grejjar ni det!

<3 tornis
Ofc Team-Dingitas... <3

Gl to Night, RELOAd and Urtier... ;))
reload isnt playing jerk :)
gl uC, die dignimons!
not 100 : 1.01 !!! :O
gl digni np 4 you
Your bet: 1015500€ on dignitas
Possible Win: 1,035,810.00 € (+20,310.00 €)
hope you lose money
Your bet: 5€ on dignitas Possible Win: 5.05 € (+0.05 €)
sol? oO
where is reload?
Maybe it's something to do with him pinging 200 recently?
he was pinging 100+ as long as i remember him and doesnt seem to care about it
Well, it was just a guess.
gl NuggeT & hf Imb3ciL! ;)
You noobs don't know shit, the swedish owners will take this easily.
need RELOAd to win. :S
Joke, sol is good2.
all hail the estonian i-net, what the opponents cant do, the isp-s will
lycka till uC och tåååårnis
Where's reload?
GL uC!
more slots lol
7 on uC.
sol will get owned by netCoders.
wizzel isnt playing :OOOOOOOO
unitedCheater ftw
lyyyycka till Niils <3
Your bet: 5€ on dignitas
Possible Win: 5.05 € (+0.05 €)
all on uC
I hope jonas have "good day" tonight :)
Your bet: 25€ on uC Possible Win: 2,284.50 € (+2,259.50 €)

go go uC
easy for dignitas imo....

easy for uC imo....
dignitas on backpath with the irish trash!
4-0 d.
gg wp !
wheres reload ?
night back=win again ;p
I think they can take uC without Night... The real test will be with Night against TLR.
TLR is playing very good
TLR, Imapct and dignitas - Big Three of ET nowadays :)
zp? polar?
Drunk already? :D
zp and polar... maybe they are good, pretty good, but not that good as Impact,TLR and dignitas.

Total Slots: 316
Viewer Peak: 320