Team - Zodiacx vs sQueeZe-Gaming (4184 views)

de mAurice
de kiwi
de PreZ
de predi
de Daenji
de Darth
de Soul
de tacocat
de tiekuh
de pony
4th Div. Playoffs first Round
22.05.11 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW 5on5 OpenCup Spring 2011 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: SexPistol (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 19283
The bets have been cancelled.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 20


Daenji <3
Daenji is inactive :<
jaja vergiss ruhig meine großen G's
klein geschrieben siehts eh besser aus fotze
gl sQ!!

with tieQ?
Kämpfen und siegen ;D
tieq low :) gl squeeze
gl zodiacx.
sensa and implux pushing the odds :DDD
ez for soul & pony!
easy for squeeze
implux already played oc for FIFr and got knocked out, how can he still play?
He isn't on the APL yet so if they use him without adding him there they will play for nothing anyway :P
thats not a problem because he played same league and not higher but he played last season in the second league and thats forbidden ;)
still has to be on APL first, else he's just not allowed, if they added too many ppl already to it, they cant use him ^^
they added sensa for the playoffs but removed him from the team so hes no longer on the apl i dont know if they are now allowed to add another one because they are only allowed to add one player during the playoffs and even if they are allowed to add a new player implux would not be allowed because the played last season second league
You create the mess darth - you whine on a player who play on oc in 2010 but its OC not EC or nation cup, feels like ur affraid to lose simply and now they, remove 2 players from the team and they cant anymore re-add them on APL, result : they miss player
Actually i dont have a decent solution to let them play correctly, they have now 2 inactive so left 3 !! nice quarter final
its not like i made the rules thats what the admins did and i only use em and we allready played 2 times against them and they are not a nice opponent so i can bicht around too and just stick to the rules

p.s. he even called me "cunt" for telling him before we played that his players are not allowed i could just wait till sunday and say it then
regeln wa zur not auch 4 gegen 5, np
thats too against the rules ;/
hattest du kein englisch in der schule?
lol omg he caledl u " cunt "....did u never insult nobody ? not sure so plz
I never seen so much mess for an OC match on 4th league, seems like we are now on EC or NC, unbelieavable
Keep it real bro, just keep whining until you get a forfeit like you did from us :)
such a crybaby srsly
it's so pathetic to see a shitnoob like you squirming for forfeits so much :D
is it so hard to play after the rules ? they are there for some reason i think this will be my last post for this game because the flame war allready started
like it's so hard to just let them play, what ever happened to just having fun since it's just a GAME? serious business nerds studying the cb rules jesus christ.
darth rulez XDD GL!
that doesnt matter ;)
gl maurice + implux
no but he could say thanks for the hint and not flame me for it they added sensa for the playoffs but removed him then for some reason and if they didnt flamed us in the last 2 games maybe it would be something else

p.s. why is EC or NC so different from a 4 league game

p.p.s. im having so much fun ;)
p.p.p.s learn2reply
p.p.p.p.s you are gonna stay shit forever when you don't ever actually play, only taking default wins. you remind me of that lango lowskilla from lost soldiers. taking any opportunity to get a forfeit win :DD
i totaly can agree with u, rules are rules. sometimes u have to bend the rules but in the playoffs there everyone should follow the rules.
the problem is if squeez wouldn't follow rules team-zodiacx would start flaming too cause squeez isn't following the rules :o
kennst das wort "mag ich nicht"? oh das waren 3 wörter srry
todes zerstörung nP
artstar is brain rolling
wo is cashy? :o
raus wegen Lan-Dodge und Inaktivität
wie? cashy lan dodge? echt?
*dodged* - Scheiss Freundin aber auch!
War es nicht dein Dad der nein sagte?
dachte ich auch ;p
So kommt alles raus :o
& Wenns ums Thema 'dodge' geht hälst du dich bitte komplett raus. ;-)
was willst du den? ;D hab ich dich in irgent einer weise geflamed weil du nicht da warst?
Also erst denken, dann schreiben :)
Ich will überhaupt nichts, aber bevor du an solchen Gesprächen teilnimmst, solltest du drüber nachdenken ob es schlau wäre einen Kommentar abzulassen. ;-)
kannst mir mal verraten was das eine mit dem anderen zu tun hat? oO
War ihm nur zur kurzfristig, sonst wars ihm eher egal, sagte ich auch.
gl zodiax :)
gl plux
zX.ET 1.01 vs squeeze 100.00

nice :D
gl kiwi, predi
You have € 30 on de squeeze Cancel bet
Possible win: € 3000

Lion is always afk - cant talk to him :/
lol @ odds predi & co zerstören die wetten wieder :DD
Neee? ;DD hab garnicht meine 30k gesetez, setz ich jetzt mal :D
You have € 1 on squeeze
Possible win: € 90.1

izi win

You have € 3557 on squeeze
Possible win: € 21235.29
You have € 50 on de zX.ET Cancel bet
Possible win: € 126

thx im vorraus! xD
You have € 28000 on squeeze
Possible win: € 46480

Lol was los hier
scheiß Wett-Mafia hier
Alles klar, thanks for forfeit dann :)))

was für ein spassti bist du denn?
könnt ihr einfach net zocken?
ihr solltet lieber mehr zeit ins praccen investieren als die regeln auswendig zu lernen!
aber was soll man machen
maurice added sensa as backup, not knowing that u can only add 1 player during the he removed him and added Implux. So 1-1+1= still 1. We added ONE player and its none of ur buisness who that ONE player is. Also verpiss dich Spinner.
Wusste garnicht das du so gut englisch kannst. ;DD
naja, so is es nicht richtig. 1 spieler kannste adden, aber ihr habt 2 (mit remove sinds immer noch 2 :P)

allerdings soll sich squeeze nicht so anscheißen (insbesondere darth) sondern einfach zocken, da gibts eh nix zu gewinnen außer E-fame....
thats the last what i will say 1. it dosent matter that he removed him u cant add another one 2. he breaks 2 rule the second one is that he played fall cup second league and because of that hes not allowed to play on our league maybe u should stop blame other people that u dont know the rules
about the first thing - you actually can remove a player from your APL as long as he didnt play for your team in the ongoing competition (at least this is how LION handled it with smashed in the last season).
he played 4th division with fif red this season, so the same league we play in. I think u misread the rules, bc it only disallowes players, to play in 2 different divisions in the SAME season. No one cares which division he played last year.
maybe u dont get the rule he played LAST fall cup second and now hes only allowed to play 1 league lower and thats a rule but i dont think u get it
its not about last fall cup I think you dont get the rules
I want to add a new player to my APL!

2. Did the player play in the corresponding cup in the Fall 2010 Season?

Yes Player can only play 1 division lower than last season, go to step 3.

No Go to step 3
ur such a victim :D u dont get it right?
It doesnt matter where he played last year the admins dont care.
And now stop posting if u dont play we get the forfeit, just leave the Competition and leave Clanbase for ever.
And join ESL, both of you!
and u dont get it or ? the rules are there for some reason why didnt u took a player whos allowed and not allways one from premire or second just play after the rules and if u say the admins dont care for the rules maybe my team should just come 22.00 and say were just a bit late and want forefeit because rules dosent matter that we have to be on the sever max i think 20mins after the set time
so complain @clanbaseadmins (not ET-cbadmins) if you care that much
junge du verstehst das alles nicht jetzt hör auf hier rum zuheulen HAACH die welt ist so unfair und die anderen sind alle pöse zu mir, es interessiert keinen, du bist niemand ihr seid niemand keinen juckt es versteh es endlich, es geht hier um die 4. Division meinste die Interessiert irgendwen? :DD
Also spiel dich nicht so auf als wärst du sonst wer.
Entweder ihr kommt oder nicht den win kriegen wir in beiden fällen
1. Has the player already played for another clan in this cup? Yes Higher Division: not allowed
Same or Lower Division: NMP, go to step 4.



leave him alone :D
ET-Serious Business
ich frag mich bis jetzt noch warum die nich einfach deutsch schreiben :S
sagen wirs mal so: auf deutsch wär dass nach 2 posts in "dei mudda" und so weiter abgeglitten, aber durchs englisch (und weil man es einfach net so gut kann wie die muttersprache) kann man einfach weniger beleidigen :p deswegen wars ja n ganz gesitteter flamewar eigentlich ^^
Ihr Deutsch ist schlechter als ihr Englisch trollface.jpg
gl zodiacx mates!
gl predi
gl predi & kiwi
predi will deliver and carry them to zeh victory.
nazis getting mad about playing 4th league game :DDDDDDDDDDDD
dont hate so much shaunm8 :(
not you other nazis :)))))
spielen (wir :pPpPpP) jetzt oder net? :D
so retarded ihr opfer, können wieder nur welche aus der deutschen Community seinw a
u mad?
eigentlich net
warum seid ihr dann nicht gekommen?
kp ich spiel kein et mehr.. hab nichtmal einen pc :S