Team Decerto vs WinFakt! (10621 views)

nl saKen
nl joshua
nl SQuid
nl NoHead
nl Ati_
pl dialer
pl wiaderko
nl perfo
nl teKoa
gb Baggiez
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: YCN Spring Challenge 2011
Manager: saKen (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 72578
The bets are closed.

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de #CubeCast Cast server 1
By: Meez
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Language: English

Total Slots: 500
Listener Peak: 8

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ET Romania TV #2
By: FoaMeA
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Enemy Territory TV

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Viewer Peak: 92


pierwszy i chuj
Goo Baggiez !!!
cieszysz sie z tego? lolku. GL PL
gl nohead & tekoa<33333333333
Gl saKen en overload mannen
You have € 88 on nl ovr
Possible win: € 443.52

better to win
gl nohead :)))
Need see Nohead in DRi again :( :D

Gl ati and Nohead

btw : Joshua = no win :{DD
GL SQuid/perfop/wiadro/dialer/tekoa :)
first i didnt see my name and i was like :( but then i didnt see baggieS name and i was like :D
gl lan winners
i expect a nice match ^^
gl pellem8
Wash some ass.
If you are being serious, then possibly! If I'm around I'd love to.
gl meez and mayni!! :))))
You have € 350 on ovr
Possible win: € 1295

In nohead I trust
hf nohead
wont be played.
You have € 690 on nl ovr Cancel bet
Possible win: € 2318.4

All my money, please don't lose.
bye bye money
You have € 690 on nl ovr Cancel bet
Possible win: € 4002
gl baggiez & wiadro
gl dialer
should be easy for LAN champions
You have € 0.44
gl NoHead :)
gl guys
gl nohead bunny
rakji du weißt es doch selbst man kann sich auf den jungen nicht verlassen!!
was willst dz denn
go NoHead !
needs zak!
gl noHead

money on ovr..dont lose
omg khaled omg

teKoa <3
kom op mijn favo truckdrvier :D
kom op mijn favo truckdrvijf :D
have baggiez
WinFakt ftw
You have € 132 on nl ovr
You won € 553.08
You have € 100 on nl ovr
You won € 419
Quote by Baggiez on 15/05/11, 23:28:28
How could you let badti_ win?
nl > cf admin
wut :D
expected, baggiez sucked again :(
Badti_ won vs badgiez? :o
hahaha n1 overload! nice nohead
You have € 66 on ovr
You won € 276.54

baggiez fucking rubbish
netjes mike :p
morgen feestje in geel XD?
feesje int leger ja :p
bij de zotte ofwa xD
You have € 35 on nl ovr
You won € 146.65
wiem co to biznes DZIFKO!
You have € 690 on ovr
You won € 2891.1
You have € 2000 on WinFakt!
You lost

baggiez, how can you lose to badti_
You have € 868 on eu WinFakt!
You lost

fuck off nerds.
engy smg's shouldn't be getting highest dmg all the time, baggiez really needs to learn how to play the class properly
or wp us ?!
or his team is shit ?!
you forget the fact that Baggiez would get highest dmg with any class. nothing to do with beeing smg eng or playing it bad.
if he gets it as medic and he's got those kind of roles then fair play, but as eng smg.. it's why uk lost to germany, maybe a bit biased but baggiez was the single reason they lost that match
to be honest its normal that an engi smg gets high damage(shouldnt be topdamage all the time but still should allways get good damage) cause he allways gets a medic behind him and just needs to shoot and in defence landmines nades SPAM THE SHIT OUT OF THEM :D
if u get dmg with mines, etc then ok but baggiez is kind of engy that gets highest dmg on attack also, kind of like you... imo not the best way to play :D but can be effective 5on5 but defo not in 6on6 :P
too much HON nerds from winfuck
You have € 250 on ovr
You won € 1047.5
nice played overload
cya later winfaktnerds
TAG changing didnt work? most retarded team in ET :D
You have € 1037 on eu WinFakt!
You lost

dialer, you disappointed me :<